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Re: The quarter pole....
« Reply #15 on: November 24, 2011, 10:32:45 AM »
Here's Brophy's report card;

If you take away the actual grades, and read the actual reports (which are the important things), I think it's very well done. - Excellent actually.

I have a problem with these grades, in general. It doesn't seem as though they're done on an individual basis which I find strange.

For example, Lupul is having a career year and is 3rd (or whatever it is) in the NHL in scoring points. If you had projected expectations before the season he'd be well beyond them and therefore in  A+ territory along with Kessel. He's +7 and on pace for 40G through 22 games

Similarly I'd put Bozak in or close to that group. He's filled in very well as the #1C (although didn't produce much on the 3rd line) and is scoring at a better clip than most would've imagined.

On the other side of things I think Gardiner gets a generous mark for being a rookie, Lombardi a really generous mark for having been injured in the past and Franson gets a ridiculous mark for what? Not being allowed to play and then having a couple rough games? He's been excellent the last few and is starting to hit his stride. F my left foot.

I'm torn on Steckel. He's been very good at certain aspects of the game (faceoffs, penalty kill), has more goals than I would've expected, but hasn't created much offensively for his line. A center with no helpers is somewhat odd.So maybe C+ is justified.

Connolly has been an A-A+ player when in the lineup. You can't really fault him for being injured, and PPG players don't grow on trees.

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Re: The quarter pole....
« Reply #16 on: November 24, 2011, 10:38:03 AM »
Like I said, I chose to ignore the grades because I disagree with a few of them but the write-ups are excellent I think.