Author Topic: Leafs @ Flyers - Mar. 27th, 7:00pm - SNO, Fan 590  (Read 3063 times)

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Re: Leafs @ Flyers - Mar. 27th, 7:00pm - SNO, Fan 590
« Reply #180 on: March 28, 2019, 08:52:39 PM »
One positive I'll note, such as it were, is Gauthier is now one minor (albeit difficult) adjustment away from scoring (some) more goals.

I wish I had to video access and know-how to sliceydicey this, but nearly every shift he was supporting the entry (sometimes on his own, like when he eluded a check along the boards earlier in the game) and getting to the net to park a massive body in front of the goalie's eyes. His stick was facing the right direction, but it just wasn't coming down at the right moments to capitalize on Ennis' semi-blind passes through the crease. I don't know if he'll ever have the instincts or inclination to weather the grind consistently and force his way into the fray, but IF he can time that stick and establish strong positioning... very few defensemen these days under these rules would be able to stop him. It's a big IF and I'm pinning no hopes on it happening.
Don't DOUBT the GOAT......he will emerge as a surprise to us all..In the Goat unite!!! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
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