Author Topic: Leafs @ Wild - Dec. 14th, 8:00pm - SNO, TSN 1050  (Read 2660 times)

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Re: Leafs @ Wild - Dec. 14th, 8:00pm - SNO, TSN 1050
« Reply #90 on: December 15, 2017, 10:07:06 AM »
If we're gonna lose I wish they'd just open it wide up and lose that way. Just play like we're down 1 or 2 in the third period right off the bat. Usually pretty unwatchable until they feel the need to start pressing. Remember when win or lose they'd score four of five? Man, that was CAN'T MISS TV. This... is not that. I'm almost not that concerned about playoff positioning at this point. I just want the last 60% of this season to be exciting. They certainly have enough creativity to make that happen. Turn 'em loose a bit.

That is extremely shortsighted. We'd all love to see them turned loose but that does not lead to success. See the Edmonton Oilers as an example of a team that has "refused" to play the "boring" game and has struggled as a result.

So the possession and offence-oriented play of Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh doesn't lead to success?

We can cherry-pick examples all day, but the bottom line, in my mind, is that the Leafs are not playing to their strengths, and that is not a long-term recipe for success.

You can't compare Toronto to the Pittsburgh Penguins or Tampa Bay yet. They're not there. They're trying to get there. But in order to get there they need to play both ways.

You can't be a team that can only play one style of game and expect to be successful long-term in this league. You have to be able to turn it up when you need to, and shut it down when you have to.