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Re: Women's hockey
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The CWHL season is underway and two new additions from China -- the Kunlun Red Star and the Vanke Rays -- make up the international portion of the league.

Both the Kunlun Red Star, and the Vanke Rays rosters are made up of mostly Chinese and  NCAA players (plenty with Chinese-American & Chinese-Canadian heritage as well as non-Chinese lineage).

The Kunlun Red Star  played the season opener in Thornhill against the Markham Thunder.  Just having an international presence is more than what the CWHL could bargain for, as the Chinese teams are here to gain knowledge of the game as well as being "ambassadors" for the sport's further growth &  development to spur greater interest in Women's hockey there.

While the 2022 Beijing Winter Games are still awhile away, having these two clubs presented itself as the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of it, as there are currently just 400+ women playing ice hockey in a country as populous as China.

Click on the teams in the dropdown list to see their full rosters:

Check out their website here:
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Re: Women's hockey
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