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Series 50: NYYankees @ Blue Jays (Fri., Sat., Sun., Sept. 22 to 24, 2017)

Started by hockeyfan1, September 22, 2017, 03:19:09 AM

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Place:   Rogers Centre   Toronto, ON

Fri. Sept. 22
Starting Pitchers:   Marco Estrada        RH (Jays)        9-8     4.84  ERA
                            Masahiro Tanaka    RH (Yankees)   12-11  4.73  ERA
Time:                    7PM
TV/Radio:              Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Sat. Sept.23 
Starting Pitchers:  Joe Biagini              RH (Jays)           3-11    5.33  ERA
                           Sonny Gray            RH (Yankees)      9-11    3.38  ERA
Time:                   4PM
TV/Radio:            Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Sun. Sept.24
Starting Pitchers:  Marcus Stroman      RH (Jays)         12-8   3.01  ERA
                           Jordan Montgomery LH (Yankees)     8-7    4.06  ERA
Time:                   1PM
TV/Radio:            Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Source:  theStar.comMLB.com


The New Yankees (85-67) visit the Rogers Centre in a three-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays (71-82).

The Yankees, who are 3 GBL Boston Red Sox in the A.L. East, hold a 6.5 games lead in the first A.L. WC spot.

The Blue Jays, well, the Jays are playing the role of spoilers.  However, it was the Jays season one can say that was spoiled, as the Jays while no longer in the hunt for the post-season, still had a chance to play for a .500 record.  Consecutive losses to the Kansas City Royals in their most recent homestand guaranteed that won't be happening.

Of course, it's anyone's guess what the Yankees have in mind in this series, why, they will have an opportunity to catch up to the Red Sox. Being in sole possession of the first WC spot, the Yankees will no doubt try to narrow the Bosox's lead.  That may very well rest with the Blue Jays and their role as spoilers here.

Since this will be the final homestand of the year for Toronto as the MLB season begins winding down,  Jays fans will certainly hope to see one of their favourites -- Jose Bautista -- with supplying some good offensive work against New York.  Bautista, whose decade as a Blue Jay is coming to an end, will most likely be playing his swan song at the Rogers Centre.

Though Jose's contract expires in 2018, it's doubtful that the Jays' organization will pick up the option.  That is why many believe that this series will signal Bautista's last hurrah playing in Toronto.  Many of us Blue Jay fans want him to retire a Blue Jay.  It'll be interesting to see what happens when the season is finally over and what Jays management (and Bautista) decide.

For now, let's enjoy this final homestand against them dreaded Yankees!



Yankees 1  Blue Jays 8

Leave it to Ryan Goins to spoil New York's playoff berth-clinching party.  Goins not only hit a grand slammer but also had a trick up his sleeve that may have changed the pace of the game for the Yankees.

Third inning. The Jays' Bautista makes the catch in right field, then throws it to Ryan Goins who is standing at second base.  With the Yankees'  Todd  Frazier at second, Goins pretends to throw the ball back to Jays starter Marco Estrada fooling Frazier who takes his foot off the base,  and gets tagged for the out by Goins who's ball was in his glove instead.

Smart move by Goins and a definite gaffe by the Yankees Frazier that ended the inning.  With Aaron Judge, who had earlier homered, coming up as the next batter, the Yankees may have just missed a chance to advance in that inning.  Or not.

Speaking of Estrada, he allowed just one run (the Judge homer) and shut down the Yankees the rest of the way in allowing three hits spread out over seven innings.  Estrada is now 5-0 in six starts and has regained the form that made him a success.

Russell Martin and Teoscar Hernandez also homered for the Jays.

Game recap:


Yankees 5  Blue Jays 9

This game was special.  Jose Bautista knew it.  The crowd knew it.  And showed it.

At the top of the ninth inning, with the Jays leading 9-5 over the Yankees, Jays skipper Gibbons sent out Ezequiel Carrera to replace Bautista in right field.  That's when the crowd roared as Jose came down, hugged every Jay on-field, went into the dugout, high-fives the rest of his teammates, then came back out onto the field and waved and acknowledged the fans at the Rogers Centre, by now with chants of "Jose! Jose! Jose!".

Amid signs & placards galore adorned with Jose's name, the faithful let it be known that in their hearts, Jose Bautista will forever be a Blue Jay.  Bautista, whose contract ends after this season, will have an option to be picked up for 2018 -- highly doubtful Jays' management will opt to pay out to pick up the option.

That is why to many, this may very well have signalled the last game of Jose people will see in a Blue Jay uniform.  Wished him well they did and Bautista was visibly moved:

Quote"A lot of good emotions," a teary-eyed Bautista said. "It's good to be recognized and it's good to feel the love. I appreciate everything that happened today."

With the Yankees having already clinched their playoff-berth Saturday with a 5-1 win over the Jays, Sunday's game started off on the right note as Teoscar Hernandez hit a lead-off homer in the first inning.  Offensive contributions also came from Morales, Bautista, Donaldson & Barney.

Jays' starter Marcus Stroman got the win and Osuna closed out the ninth.

Great day, great game, and great Jose!

Game recap