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Re: 2016 Lead up to the Trade Deadline thread
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When you resort to ridiculing opinions, I know your argument is getting skinny.

Nonsense. Ridiculing bad opinions is my first resort, not last.

What I'm reading here is that "well, the market was obviously soft, so what are you going to do?  It is what it is, Lou can't force trades."  That sort of excuse from a pretty severe miscalculation has resulted in pretty big miss in terms of an extra $15m or so of payroll.  I promise you that the board isn't going to just say "ya, shit happens, good luck next year.  Let's do exactly the same thing again and hope for a better result.  No problem."   

Except as has already been pointed out to you you're totally misrepresenting the numbers here. The Leafs didn't spend 15 million dollars in payroll for players to move at the deadline an like I said in my last post, your argument for reducing the payroll relies on moving players who weren't here for that purpose. Bernier's under contract for another year, the Grabner deal was to shed contracts, etc.

The players that were brought in for that purpose are Boyes, Parenteau and Matthias and they represent 4 million or so in outgoings. Of course, they were able to get a fair return on Matthias so that doesn't really apply so it's more like 2 million for Boyes and Parenteau. And even then they, as I mentioned, needed warm bodies so it's really 2 million subtracted by the NHL minimum for both guys. So it's under a million dollars. Which is not a signiificant amount considering the size of the Leafs' business and especially not when you consider that Rogers and Bell are primarily interested in the team as a content generator.
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Re: 2016 Lead up to the Trade Deadline thread
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