Author Topic: 2011-2012 Pick'em Challenge Round 1 (Thurs. Oct. 6th to Sun. Oct. 9th/2011)  (Read 2916 times)

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Here are the results for Round 1:

AlmosGirl                   18
Spare Change            18
leafs_fan_89             18

.... and the winner of this week's round is... a three-way tie between Spare Change, AlmosGirl, and, leafs_fan_89!!

The question now is:  who gets to pick for next week's games??

The rule is we go back to the previous week's results, which we don't have in this case. We can't even go back to last year's results after the database was lost over the summer. I suggest that for this week we go with the person who submitted their picks first.

How about ladies first?  I'm fine not picking the games, so it's up to the other two.

Im fine with that, as long as Leafs_fan_89 is, AlmosGirl can select round 2's games!

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fine by me im confused tho still lol so am i picking the games or someone else lol help me thx.
go jays go

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So AlmosGirl gets to pick the games for this week!   :)

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Sure, no problem, I can do it.

I'm pleasantly surprised I have to say that I got 18 pts.  Thought for sure I bombed on all the others, except for the 2 Leaf games! 8)