Author Topic: Bozak's Future  (Read 38353 times)

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Re: Bozak's Future
« Reply #405 on: March 19, 2015, 03:56:46 PM »
Holland is a good player, time for Bozo the Zak to go.

I agree, he rode JVR and Kessel's coattails for years, parlayed that into a nice little contract...sun has set on him here. 

He simply can't be relied on to play 5 on 5 on regular basis.  His defence is brutal, and his offence isn't good enough to make up for it

Time for Kessel and Bozak to go. Jvr is the only one on that line  that should stay.

If we get a solid offer for JvR, I think we should trade him too.  He's not done much since Jan. 1st either.  He has the same disease as the rest of this core IMHO.