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Joe Bowen Interview
« on: January 22, 2014, 07:39:19 AM »
Guys, firstly I hope this is in the right place and nobody minds me posting it up. As many of you know I'm based in Belfast and a big fan of the Belfast Giants as well as the Leafs. A few years back I founded and regularly contributed to a fan run podcast for the Giants. Unfortunately I can't contribute as much as I did in the past but it has now been adopted as the official podcast of the Belfast Giants organisation.

This week via the medium of twitter I had a bit of an interaction with Joe Bowen which ended up with him agreeing to speak to my good friend Patrick Smyth who presents the show. It's a really enjoyable interview and covers various topics.

If anyone wants to listen the podcast pages are HERE in the most recent podcast named "Holy Mackinaw" and if you want to hear just the interview with Bowen it is about half way into the show.

You can also get it via iTunes if you wish HERE and the Bowen interview starts around the 54 minute mark if you want to listen to it through iTunes.

It's a great interview with Bowen and well worth a listen. And hopefully I can recruit a few more of you as Belfast Giants fans as well  ;D
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