Author Topic: Late Off-Season Q&A: Mike Ulmer answers some serious questions from Leafs fans  (Read 1146 times)

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Should James Reimer be worried about the sophomore jinx?
J. Carey, Boston, Mass.

Great question. Statistically, the jury is still out on the diminished effectiveness of players in their second year, but the clean-living, non-smoking, well-spoken Reimer is more likely to be hit by a streetcar than rest on a season that did not finish in the playoffs. Big headedness isnít usually an issue with kids from Morweena although they do show a tendency to bore listeners while expounding on the different varieties of wheat native to the prairies.

What does the future hold for Ron Wilson?
B. Burke, Toronto, Ontario

Ron is conscious of his health. He doesnít smoke, exercises regularly and toys with reporters as a stress relief. I would be very surprised if he didnít live to be 80, maybe 85.

I understand Leaf prospect David Broll is nicknamed ĎThe Steambroller.í Any other nicknames worth trying out.
C T Bear, Toronto, Ontario

Glad you asked Mr. Bear. Top candidates: Darryl Rolls Boyce, Tyler Czecho Bozakian, Joltení Colton Orr. Keith Aulie Aulie All Come Free, Mike Komisavarek, Matt Laugh Your Lashoff, Joey Alaskan King Crabb.

Is this a make it or break it year for Nazem Kadri?
J. Tlusty, Raleigh, North Carolina.

I donít think so, but his back is really going to be against the wall when he turns 21.

Will Leaf fans riot when the team wins the Stanley Cup?
Sgt. D Doright, Yellowknife, NWT.

Dear, Sgt. Leaf fans wonít break a single pane of glass, let alone overturn a car. They donít roll that way. For that matter, neither do Canuck fans or Hab fans.

Obviously a humour article, a few funny ones I included in this thread, there are also a few more, click the link to read them.