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terrible loss. no reason for that to happen.

looked good to me

Rielly _was_ having a good game....yikes.

At least Polak got his daily penalty out of the way early.

Brown with great work, Gauthier looks solid. Overall the Leafs look fast and tenacious tonight, except for that one shift where the Matthews line got stuck in their own zone.

I wish I could believe that the various scenarios described would lead to Polak being in the pressbox. I wish I could believe...

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Trade Deadline
« on: January 07, 2018, 01:23:27 PM »
Yeah, I think not only is Kapanen better than Leivo right now, he has a higher ceiling. That said, I don't think we really know what Leivo could do with more ice time higher in the lineup. Maybe his limitations are evident to the coaching staff (via practice) but he doesn't look bad when he's in the lineup, especially considering his linemates.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Trade Deadline
« on: January 07, 2018, 11:26:30 AM »
Once again...the idea isn't that Leivo and/or Kapanen will replace JVR's scoring. Not going to happen, at least not immediately. JVR has some very useful positive attributes - standing in front screening the goalie, great hands in close - but what else does he offer? He's not particularly fast, not great along the boards (not physical at all for his size), not great defensively. So if you can move him to bring in someone who actually improves the defense, and you bring in NHL ready Kapanen who is more tenacious, faster, good along the boards, potential PKer, will chip in some scoring - the overall team could be improved even if the scoring drops off a bit. There is some risk to be sure, but pretty much everyone agrees we need to shore up the back end.

I don't think this team is ready to challenge for the cup right now so the smartest approach might be to move him if the return is decent, and especially if it improves the defense.

The failure of that pp wasn't all on Marleau, or even mostly on Marleau. Everyone was just standing around. Very easy to defend. Still, I would agree that he should have gotten off the ice sooner, even if it meant the Leafs had to go back and reorganize (though they probably could have maintained possession in the offensive zone, there was more than enough room).

Those 2 changes were horrific, they got really lucky there.

Dermott looked OK, not a lot of playing time but looked confident with the puck.

As far as unsatisfying shootout wins go that was decent.  Nice déjà vu from Matthews in the shootout and recognizing Bozak should go in the first 3.
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Yep, should definitely be Matthews/Bozak/either Nylander or Marner as the top 3. I don't ever want to see Marleau in there.

that pp was like a "prevent" pp, too much standing around

shoot the damn puck

Boy they got a break there on that bad change.

Something needs to change with this team.  Heading for another loss against Vancouver and it's not just the loss but how they are losing these games.  Stop dumping the puck.  It's not working.

Seriously. Last season, with virtually the same group of forwards, this team was one of the fastest, most dangerous teams in the league. This year they look slow and easy to contain. The change in strategy is not working at all.

Too much dump and chase I think. The forwards on this team aren't really great at winning battles along the boards for the most part.

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