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that was the kind of weak call that usually goes against the leafs

Geez...can't let that in.

RealGudOops! LOL


RealGudPro versus RealGudPowerPlay, which will come out on top...In any case, most likely Polak will be in the box for at least one Anaheim power play.

Leafs Media Rumours / Re: Leivo asks to traded, Sosh being showcased?
« on: February 05, 2018, 04:37:54 PM »

What's JVR going to get signed at? I heard TJ Oshie is a good comparable at $5.75 x 8 years. I feel Oshie is a lot more dynamic.

JVR has one of the best roles in hockey. Go to the net and stay there and pound in the garbage, do nothing else and he's given top PP minutes and great line mates. Couldn't Levio do that? Levio is similar is weight and height. That through the legs shot... has it ever worked?

I like JVR but not at Oshie numbers. I would like him at a $5M x 4 years... so probably not going to happen.

I've been thinking the same thing. Leivo is reasonably big, decent shot, probably faster than JVR and better (more physical) along the boards. Defensively JVR ain't great, can Leivo be any worse? JVR does have really good hands around the net but he doesn't create much on his own.

The Boston game was a bit of a wake up call for how far the Leafs still have to go. I don't really see this team getting past the first round, so why not trade JVR if a good package is available, and finally give Leivo a chance to show if he is an NHL player.

Leafs Media Rumours / Re: Leivo asks to traded, Sosh being showcased?
« on: February 03, 2018, 09:58:50 PM »
Can't say I blame him, the writing is on the wall. There's no place on the team for him, unless the Leafs decide to sell JVR and/or Komarov before the deadline. And even then, maybe Johnsson gets called up ahead of Leivo playing.

Matthews is really off tonight.

He has had one of the best defensive centres on him all night, but, yeah, his passes haven't been as crisp or accurate, and he doesn't seem to be able to find that extra gear he so often has.

Sure, that's part of it, but he handled the puck like a hot potato all night. Not his usual calm self. I thought he didn't look particularly "on" against the Rangers either. Hopefully not another nagging injury issue, he looked like this a while back when he missed a bunch of games.

Matthews is really off tonight.

Bruins looked better that period, fortunate to get out of it tied.

Dermott! He earned that one. Wow.

That was a really solid period. Hope they can keep it up.

I've always wondered whether Holl had any NHL potential (thought he looked OK in some preseason games) but man...that's kind of a scary defense.

Amazing that Kadri is scoring again now that he's not skating around with a Komarov sized anchor attached to him.
Hope he enjoys it while he can, since Babcock pretty much said the lines were going back as they were for the home games. Maybe he'll rethink it...

Really solid game last night. Kapanen and Moore have energized the 4th line, and removing the other anchor (Martin) doesn't hurt. Macbackup was really solid and I'd probably give him the 1st star.

Babcock must be reading this board. Sitting Martin, bringing up Kapanen, putting Komarov on the 4th line, starting Matthews and Nylander in OT. What's the world coming too? Of course, Polak is still playing but I kind of get that with Rielly and Zaitsev out.

Good game for the Leafs to win. The league really needs to figure out this goalie interference thing, the last 2 games have been ridiculous. And both instances against the Leafs so it really stands out.

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