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I don't think I'm going to watch Game 7.

Leafs have hurt us so bad in Game 7’s I just have no faith they can pull this one out.


Looks like no Clifton. I mean you don't need to be a doctor to know that Krug definitely scrambled his brains on Saturday but yeah I'm sure he's fine.

Krug is fine. Just a case of hotbrain. Helmet was probably too tight. Needs to get it really loose on the noggin for Game 3.

Why are their quotations around I don't want him on my team?

Who is the player who said this?

Hrudey said it during the intermission of Game 2. He pulled up some video of Nylander’s misplays in the first two periods and said “I wouldn’t want him on my team”.

Then he showed the things DeBrusk didn’t get penalties for and declared he would want him on his team.

Oh okay. It was Kelly Hrudy. That's why I don't watch the intermissions!

 Why are their quotations around I don't want him on my team?

Who is the player who said this?

ALSO!!...I just finished watching the game so I didnt look through the game thread the start of the game Babcock went with Tavares line and Boston played their fourth...why are the Leafs panicking to make a change there?

Wouldn't you want to have your top line going against a crap line? I guess Im just not a smart hockey man.

I don't want to sound melodramatic or anything but if the next game is called in the same fashion as Game 2 I think I'll just check the box scores for the rest of this series.

The Leafs played poorly for sure and didn't serve to win. But I can't stand all the after whistle stuff they let go and then they call those penalties on Kadri and  Gauthier. I still don't even know what the Gauthier call was and the Kadri one on Marchand was laughable. The Bruins do the exact same thing but when the Leafs do it they get penalized.

That's how I remember the series last year. It's basically let the Bruins do whatever they want. Refs seriously are ridiculous.

 As a fan watching that game I get so frustrated so I can't imagine how it feels to be the players. Kadri wants to win and he just snaps because of this bullcrap reffing.

Also, Matthews at 11 million plus? I'm sorry but, dude, show some emotion. I didn't even notice him. Completely invisible.  He better step it up big time for the rest of this series.

Played well in a meaningless game. One.more to go.

Sparks has sad eyes :'(

Seriously I don’t understand the officials.   Tavares isnhighsticked right in front of the ref.   It wasn’t even remotely obstructed from his view.  He had absolutely nothing else to watch and the replay shows him staring at it.   Why is this acceptable from the officials?

It's going to be brutal in the playoffs. Boston will get away with so much.

Sparks should have had that. Wasn't that great of a shot. Sparks almost got out of the way.

How can you not call that a penalty? Tavares speared in the face!

I kind of like these new line combos.

Sparks has got worse as the season has gone on. At the beginning of the season he wasn't this horrible. He's legitimately one of the worst goalies I've ever seen in the NHL. He's constantly out of position.

They're a passionate fan base...With the lowest attendance in the league.

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