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Title: Jerry Lewis 1926-2017
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Jerry Lewis, comedy icon, humanitarian, philanthropist, actor, producer, director, singer, etc., passed away Sunday Aug. 20 at the age of 91.

Jerry Lewis was the half of the comedic duo of Martin and Lewis -- that is Dean Martin & Lewis himself -- who starred together in various skits and nightclub acrs in the 1940's and also appearing together in various movies right up to until the mid-'50's.  Martin and Lewis were not only the opposite of each other as the comedic duo but also offstage away from the cameras, where the two were hardly complimentary of each other.

After the breakup of the Martin & Lewis team, Jerry went to star in his own comedy movies in the mid-'50's onward, movies beloved the world over such as "The Nutty Professor", "Whose Minding the Store?",  "The Disorderly Orderly", and too many to name.  He performed in other non-comedy films and a slew of tv shows, etc.  He of course was also regular in Las Vegas.

Lewis founded the Jerry Lewis Labour Day Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, a cause dear to his heart, that raised to it's final broadcast, a staggering $2.5B for MDA research.  Who can forget the one particular year of this telethon, 1976 to be exact, where Lewis as the host was treated to a surprise set up by fellow celebrity and friend Frank Sinatra -- an unexpected appearance by Dean Martin.  The two men embraced and shed a tear, and hit it where they left off, never skipping a beat.  It had been nearly twenty years to that day that Jerry and Dean actually got together.  Heartwarming moment for Martin & Lewis fans no doubt.

Lewis was beset by a slew health problems that plagued him all his life.  In 2002, he claims to have contemplated suicide due to "excruciating pain" he was suffering from to treat his Pulmonary Fibrosis.   He then sought different treatment and a few years later, on CNN's "Larry King", he revealed  more about himself.

Rest In Peace, and thank you Mr.Lewis, for giving the world all those wonderful laughs, something we need more than ever. (