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Pretty embarrassing effort from the Penguins tonight. Couldn't win a face-off. Didn't cover the front of the net. Kept trying to be cute with their passes. Clearly not contenders if they can get beat like this. Should probably sell at the deadline and regroup for next season.

I still sell Barrie and go hard after next year.

Me too.  Cash in on Barrie while you can.

Does Dubas have the guts to do what needs to be done at the deadline ó even if the Leafs are technically in a playoff spot?

And play Liljegren, for God's sake.
What would you like him to do?

I agree with playing Sandin and Lilegren as much as possible. Maybe trade Barrie if the return is good enough. Not sure what else should be done. The Leafs secondary scorers like Kapanen, Engvall, Kerfoot aren't producing and trading one of them will probably not get enough in return (presumably on defense) to make it worthwhile. I think we largely have to ride this out.
You maybe right although Kappy who has struggled did score a big OT goal on Friday. Still not enough though from him. I say Dubas trades Barrie if the right deal comes along. He is our biggest trade chip and we're not signing him. I can actually see Dubas trade anyone not named Matthews, Marner, JT, Sandin, Liljegren, Muzz.

This team is so flawed. Coach was fired and rightfully so the way he handled most players. Team has no defence and compete and grit completely non existent. Freddy has been poor lately but he's not the problem. The team hasn't for years played a good structured defensive game. They are so easy to play against. Trying to make some changes now and trade away more picks or prospects is a big mistake. Dubas has already done a good job at that. Get rid of all the FA's and recoup some picks or young prospects. Big 4 contracts are hurting and will for years to come so maybe look at getting rid of Nylander and fill an area of need. Stock the cupboards for next year and start fresh. Team isn't going to go anywhere this year so might as well recoup something.

Obviously bigger problems with this team than Babcock who I despised but this group doesn't cut it and part of that blame is on Dubas and his assessment of players.
Team has tons of skill but is definitely lacking compete.

What else can you do?  They fired the coach...they rebuilt the defence (I think Reilly and dermott are the only regulars from last year).  Theyíve turned over half their roster and they still play the same. Itís strange.  Even stranger are that Matthews, Nylander and Marner are having career years...yet they still donít improve

Maybe cover Crosby

Stupid play by Spezza

Yikes... this lineup is scaring me a little bit. I hope the Leafs win tonight, but this could go horribly wrong.

i miss Connor Brown

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Barrie might not have met expectations but he's still our 1RHD, and we're already down our 1LHD. You're basically giving up on the season. Is that worth a 2nd round pick and an ok prospect?

Andy Greene just went for a 2nd round pick. You don't think Barrie returns a fair amount more than that?

I agree. if you can get a 1st for Barrie you take it and run

maybe it wasn't always the back-ups fault on back 2 back.  leafs should've lost 10-2 if not for Andersen.  put it in the rear view and onto the next one

Leafs are playing life crap...but the refs aren't helping.  Ill take down one going into the third

Nice win

Florida slumping hard.  So itís not so bad

No way they win that with Hutch in net

Bank the point

I dunno why the schedule makers have the leafs play back to backs against a rested Habs team every game
There's no reason for any team to play back to back games.

This is insane.  They are professional athletes.  They canít play two nights in a row?

The other guys are professional athletes too, understand professor?

Is your point that every team playing a back to back should be outshot 16-1 in the 3rd?  This wasnít about being tired.  It was about being scared.
Ok Dr. Phil.

Lc9ís only satisfied if the leafs win 6-0 and outshoot the opposition 35-10.   Then he wonít complain about something 

Too bad.  But what a game.

What do you mean what a game?  16-1 in the 3rd period.  That was embarrassing.

I thought it was a great game entertainment wise

I dunno why the schedule makers have the leafs play back to backs against a rested Habs team every game

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