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I think a pairing of Reilly and Zaitsev for the night would be a good fit for both.  Reilly has a great defensive game and can go when required.  Same for Zaitsev.  He is an experienced d-man from the KHL who can also play well in is own end and both can outlet the puck well and show little panic in their own end.  I know that Polak is slow but pairing him with Hunwick as a shut down pair seems more suited and Gardiner needs to up his game and play a little smarter.  Corrado for Carrick to see what happens as well too.  IMO it wasn't the forwards or the goalie that let us down last night.

Let's see how the kids bounce back tonight.  Vets know how to shake off losses like last night.  I think Marincin needs a night off and Gardiner needs to be reminded about when to pinch.  Enroth give Andersen a break eventhough he has played well the last 2 games.  Without Andersen early last night the Leafs could have been behind the 8 ball early.  The Kadri line needs to bring that grit and forechecking game again.  Bozak, JVR and Marner will creat chances and the HNM line will produce and  their work in the defensive zone will improve over the season.  The PP needs to keep rolling and the PK can only be better.  I see a 4-2 win.  Only because so far we can score 4 goals a game.

Just my opinion.  I have read a few posts today saying yet again goaltending, Andersen, was the issue for the Leafs.  Did you watch the game people.  Andersen held the Jets as they outshot us 7-0 early until the Leafs could get rolling.  The D, some great plays and lucky shots cost us.  Laine scores on a turnaround and just fires at the net and finds a hole.  Marner sacrifices and blocks a shot that falls right to Scheiffle and he burys a beauty.  Great play on the tying goal to freeze everybody before passing to Laine who basically had an open net.  Same as the Myers goal on the 2 on 1.  Remember Marincin is playing in a top pair with Reilly that is playing as a shut down pair and Gardiner made some bad pinch choices that led to the Myers goal.  Our D is still not at the top and we are playing a lot of kids who are learning on the fly.  Babcock is constantly coaching and teaching on the bench.  This is a work in progress.  Remember we have points in every game played so far.  4 points from 3 games is still over 500 hockey.  The Kadri line impressed me tonight, not just the goals but the forechecking from all 3 forwards.  Kadri is becoming a better than average 2 way forward and Uncle Leo just continues to be that pest and hitter we need.  Hyman and Brown look good.  Marner, Matthews and Nylander will get their points.  Nylander had a beauty from Matthews on the PP which scored twice last night after being 0-8 in the first 2.  Time people time.  Be patient our time is coming sooner than you think

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