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Leafs Pregame with Gord Stellick saying there's so many Connor McDavid friends and family in the building tonight they had to rent their own suite  :o

That's one of the quirks of this city, so many superstars who hail from the area are super-motivated to have a terrific game in front of the people that got them there.

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hehe great thread. It'll be like 'Published Version' and 'Real Reason'.

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Nikita Kalashnikov-47 back in the lineup!

Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Paul Coffey... if there are two other forward greats in the building tonight you've got one hell of an all-time line!


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The Leafs got really lucky with Mitch Marner.  It looks like Arizona picked the wrong guy.  Marner, Nylander, and Matthews are all incredible.  The Leafs have drafted incredibly well and those three guys are going to give the team an amazing core going forward.

Word is Mark Hunter fought hard for it as Babs wanted a defenceman at 4 in that draft. Things got a little heated on the floor. LL mediated and in the end let Mark do his job. Good decision by Lou.

The League is now about fast and skill, fast and skill. Size optional. Hunter knew it and we're reaping the results!

The most interesting fact about that story is that LL had to do that from the Devils table, since he was still with NJ at the time Marner was drafted.  Amazing really.

LOL.  I love how people tell stories as if it were fact.

I didn't. I said 'word is' and it was Shannon on the previous PTS. I just felt it was an interesting tidbit at the time because I remember Marner at 4 raised some eybrows and Hunter was right. Shannon knowing there was a semi-heated debate on the floor at the time is not huge story. Perhaps he exaggerated a little though. The context at the time and still continues today is the kind of 5-headed brain-trust with Babs, Lou, Shanny, Mark and Kyle. I guess Shannon forgot that LL arrived shortly thereafter.

Ice is horrible but good things that PT Cruiser has great seats.

... ok can we can some fricking LASER BEAMS attached to their heads.

Superfan Myers in the house looking very Lorne Michaels  ;D

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« on: October 29, 2016, 10:31:58 PM »

What's been so great with MaNyMa is that they're always trying to make something out of nothing. And with those moves, they usually do.

All lines pressing for that equalizer! Gotta be fun to be on that bench right now.


Here's a nice crisp stream if anyone's still looking.

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