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Bracco rocking the Bo Bichette hair and beard combo.

Most kids by a current Leaf: Spezza w/ 4 girls.
Rest of team combine for 3, including JT.

Which legacy vet is coming in next year and how many kids will he bring?

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Brown goes from 4RW to 1RW just like that

And DJ Smith goes full-Babs with the media:

Not only are they good NHL hockey players, they are culture guys, Smith explained. They do it right every day. They know how to work. They know how to come in shape. They do stuff right in the gym and I think its imperative for a team thats transitioning with a bunch of younger players that they learn the right way and they learn from the right pros.

A guy like (Hainsey) has played like 1,050 games (1,068 to be exact). Hes gone from an offensive guy to a defensive guy. He knows the ins and outs of the NHL and that can only help the (Thomas) Chabots and the (Erik) Brannstroms and these guys. So, I think that was key, as much as they are great hockey players, they are great guys to help young kids.

I read it in his voice.

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« on: September 15, 2019, 09:41:49 PM »
I think Matthews counts for that superstar list. The Eichel deal is weird but I understood it for both sides.

Whether or not Marner should be there is definitely a fair question but personally I couldn't think of anyone else negotiating their second deal coming off a 90+ point season(other than Point).

edit: Backstrom, I suppose. But even then he got 11+ % and 10 years.

I think if the mainstream media talked about these contracts as cap %ages instead of raw AAV, fans would be a bit more understanding.

I think Marners team considered him part of that group, and Dubas considers him a step (or two) below and that was the chasm that needed to be bridged. Ultimately, overpaying Marner during this window is more worthwhile than going through the sit or trade scenarios in which the Leafs lose tremendous value.

x2 on publicizing % of cap as a noteworthy statistic and Dubas' desire to avoid any scenario in which the asset would depreciate.

I see Dougie Gilmour, Cujo, Darcy Tucker, Tomas Kaberle, Dan Daoust, Howie Meeker, Nik Antropov, Shayne Corson, Rick Vaive, Danny Markov, Gary Leeman and fricking Tom Watt.

Congrats CtB. The Reign of Terror has begun.


NHL Transactions / Charlie McAvoy re-signs $4.9M x 3 years
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Bracco cant play off wing. His thing is the mohawk stride to open up options, which does nothing on the left side.

Kapanen is sort of being groomed to be the new Hyman (who will be a cap casualty after this season).

Would be great to have this young core settled in and producing. Can have it for years.


T-18 days.

The lads are soaking up the sweet Newfoundland heritage.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Marner signs 6 year, $10.893mil AAV contract
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Mike-in-Buffalo was one of the callers to Andy Frost's post-game that I'd always listen to. Very reasonable takes.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Marner signs 6 year, $10.893mil AAV contract
« on: September 14, 2019, 02:41:02 PM »
The real argument is that most RFA deals are gross underpays.

Yeah no other team has to do it, so its to Torontos current disadvantage, but Toronto has also locked up 3 of them for the next 5+ years with relatively clean sheets ahead while other teams have maybe one about to hit their old cap structures that are locked into veteran deals.

For sure, we're witnessing a re-structuring here. Superstars out of their ELC's, they're getting paid. GM's used to be able to get value there, not anymore. They wanted to make it a young man's league, plugging in all these ELC rockets zipping around, well that's exactly what they got.

The pluses:
- elevating others
- start of their prime and youth

These are the guys that you over pay for. Or an extremely rare #1 center or #1 defense-man UFA (Tavares). What will kill teams is overpaying elsewhere. I look at Kapanen and Johnsson. I think they got done so quick because the case was simply, here's how much we've got. Do you want to be a Leaf and win here? They both answering in the enthusiastic affirmative.

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