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On the Staff and Graph podcast recently, Rachel Doerrie shared her experiences at training camps while working with TOR and NJD.

Coaches don't really start to instill structure and game plans until the camp roster is cut down to basically the final team + positional battles, hence the sloppy game play for the first 4-6 preseason games (and into October really).

Kind of disappointed we couldn't keep this up, tbh.

Shore scores!

Harpur with a strong pinch to establish possession.

Hainsey looks skyward as usual.

Empty net specialist :)

Sandin gets the Rielly shift with the extra attacker (Kerfoot).


This is better than any chirp

Nylanders pass is in midseason form. Johnssons tap in is not.

I like Mikheyev.
Def. He looks good so far. Big and plays a 200ft game.

Hey Mike, shouldnt you be paying attention to the game?

Hes getting all the extra shifts

Kerfoot is a better skater than Kadri from what Ive seen so far. More runway to improve too.

Um I think Sandin and Liljegren are ready.
I think they are very close in a worst case scenario. Sandin is very smart and such a good skater. Liljegren has been steady. Ceci looks pretty good as well.

I just want to make sure its them looking good and not them looking good relative to Belleville Bulls and Ben Harpur.


Matthews with the bunt

This one started by Nylander beating out two defenders behind the net for clean possession.

Um I think Sandin and Liljegren are ready.

I like Mikheyev.


How has this guy looked at other times?


How come no one mentioned this

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