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General NHL News & Views / Re: 2018-2019 NHL Thread
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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Zach Hyman Suspended 2 Games
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This should be a good precedent for the league with regards to player safety; I can’t see them really following through with it though due to their... uh... other times they set the opposite precedent.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Zach Hyman
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This is weird in light of the Reaves and Wilson stuff.

Johnsson time. And maybe Moore.


1 second game speed is a pretty long time.

10/10 times in a regular game, Hyman just skates by. There are many, many forechecking opportunities where he is in position to blow the defender up to take him off the puck with a slightly different route but he always goes for the hit and stick.

This time, he is clearly frustrated by how the game is going (and being called as Boston finishes their checks all the time) and he goes out of his way to give McAvoy a jolt. It's maybe half a second beyond the norm. He actually had a clear lane to come up behind McAvoy and really steamroll him if he was so inclined, but he slows down instead and checks him front and centre.

It's a bad hit. It's not a suspendable play.

Wagner's though, if Rielly didn't protect himself at the last microsecond, would've been a call to the principal's office. Seeing as how the NHL does not worry itself with policing intent, it'll also be a nothing.

We're going to litigate the heck out of this Hyman/McAvoy hit right?

Was it an elbow?

Shoulder to chest as he skates by at almost 20% speed. McAvoy is not expecting it and as a slightly smaller person than Hyman (like -1", -1lb), goes flying.

Look how terrible it is:

We're going to litigate the heck out of this Hyman/McAvoy hit right?

88 won’t score tonight, calling it.

This surprisingly came true on a 6 goal night.

MotM: Johnsson
HM: Dermott

Glove taps: Sparks, Hainsey, Rielly, Kadri

Hainsey’s fighting taunt has earned him many more games by coach Me.

Send in the Willy and Johnsson

What’s the record for goals in a major PP?

Rielly didn’t get hurt so pretty sure there’s no extra anything for Wagner. Yay DoPS policy.

That’s a flying elbow/shoulder now. Go Hainsey.

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