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General NHL News & Views / Re: 2019-2020 NHL Thread
« on: Today at 04:15:55 PM »

MARKET RESET!!!!!!! Maybe.

Looks like the Sabres are saving their bigger names for tomorrow night's game.

Usually the home team brings the heat and the away squad does a Washington Generals impression.

Sad panda


Tampa trying to squeeze down two goalies through waivers. Might be worth a flier on either one!

Is messing with Gauthier really a waste of time? If we don’t want him anymore, isn’t it worthwhile to give him more eyeball time and key up a better trade? Or a better opportunity to get scooped on waivers because he’s been a good soldier for Dubas and deserves a chance to play somewhere?

Gaudet was signed alongside the mashup of league minimum signings. He’s probably the new Chris Mueller.

Kristian Rubins is one of the standout players on the Kelly Cup champion Growlers who is earmarked for Marlies graduation.

Sandin-Marincin is going to be nice. Harpur-Schmaltz tomorrow is sort of what I’m worried about (Harpur anyone really).

Goat tracker is back for 2019

And it's just setting Spezza up to fail there, no way you can have him and Goat on the same line. Too slow. Very curious to see how this ends up playing out.

I can see the logic behind wanting to try this in the preseason.

Gauthier looked faster (again). His stride has lost a lot of excess movement and that added efficiency is compounded by how long he is. I still think he has next to no offensive instincts but he is super solid defensively, which would ease the load on Spezza and just let him try to bank something in off Moore’s rear. Spezza covers Gauthier’s faceoff weakness too.

But Agostino - Spezza - Shore is also tangibly better, especially with Moore mixed on the wings.

The defense group is so interesting to me (i.e. everyone I want) if we ignore Ceci.

What do you mean by everyone you want?

Just that you want to see them play, or you want them on the NHL roster this season?

That I want to see play this preseason.

Locks: Rielly, Muzzin, Barrie, Ceci, Dermott+
Likely: Marincin, Schmaltz, Holl
Learn more: Kivihalme, Liljegren, Sandin, Hollowell, Duszak
Leave: Harpur, Gravel

Goat tracker is back for 2019

The defense group is so interesting to me (i.e. everyone I want) if we ignore Ceci.

Mikheyev - Kerfoot - Aberg
Agostino - Shore - Read

Maybe they're putting Shore on Kerfoot's wing to help him transition to centre.

Oh maybe.

Mikheyev - Kerfoot - Shore
Aberg - Agostino - Read?

I kind of liked the look of Agostino - Shore - Read the other night.

OR MAYBE COLT CONRAD. Who is a right shot Trevor Moore with less rump.

Hmmm Kerfoot and Mikheyev are playing, but not Petan.

I think they want to see if Petan works with Spezza too. He's likely going to be the utility option up and down the lineup if he makes the cut (if Kapanen can't cut it LW).

Interesting they went back to the Matthews group, rather than Tavares'. I know they had a day off yesterday so everyone is rested, but group 1 is now off 3 straight.

I would not be surprised to see Marincin - Sandin instead of Hollowell to see if Marincin > Harpur (yes).


Johnsson - Matthews - Nylander
Mikheyev - Kerfoot - Aberg
Agostino - Shore - Read
Timashov - Gaudet - Conrad

Rielly - Ceci
Sandin - Hollowell
Kivihalme - Liljegren


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