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Me and a few friends have started a new group on FB called:

"Toronto Maple Leafs- Downtown meetups for watching leafs and drinking beers"

As the name suggests, it's a meetup group for people watching leafs games in bars downtown. Rather watch the game in a crowd of leafs fans? Want to go somewhere where the bartender won't turn off the commentary because some drunk girl wants to play the dukebox?

Hopefully the group will provide an atmosphere for people into drinking a few beers and getting behind the team.
We're open to venue suggestions and looking for people to help run the group. We just launched this in the last 24 hours and want as many people to join as possible.

It's a brand new group and we're open to suggestions of bars etc. Get involved and come along and join.!/groups/786038788125656/

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / leafs meetup groups??
« on: August 23, 2014, 05:32:43 PM »

With the new season upcoming I was wondering if anyone had any info on meetup groups to watch leafs games in sports bars etc.

As previously mentioned I've been in Toronto a year and most of my mates are Scottish, English or Irish guys who don't really follow hockey. My 2 mates who got into the leafs with me have went home to the UK and now I'm at a lose end regards watching games.

Was searching the meetup site to see if there was any organized groups for people watching leafs games. Didn't find anything.

I really want to watch the leafs in a social enviroment this year. One of the key reasons that made me want to come to Toronto was the hockey and being able to watch games in bars etc.

Anyone know of any meetup groups to watch Leafs in downtown toronto? Don't have the sort of money to buy tickets for games but defo interested in hitting a sports bar for some atmosphere.

Introductions / Re: new fan from Scotland.
« on: March 25, 2014, 08:34:01 PM »

Nice one Patrick. You ever head down to McVeighs for Celtic games? I was down for the European games this year.

Nice to see plenty of Scots and other nice types on here. I joined another forum at the same time as this and had a bunch of English guys banging on about Scottish indy ref with plenty of bigoted nonsense. I've no interest in any of that, just here for the hockey!

Cheers folks.

Introductions / Re: new fan from Scotland.
« on: March 11, 2014, 07:45:29 PM »

Thanks for the warm welcome guys.
Yeah regardless of any results I'm defo sure I've made the right choice with the leafs. It's strange how quickly it has stuck!

Would defo grab a beer sometime if there was ever a forum meet up for a game.

Anyway to answer Whatifgodwasaleaf:

I'm a Celtic supporter. Last time they won the big cup was in 1967. Sound familiar?

Introductions / new fan from Scotland.
« on: March 10, 2014, 07:31:43 PM »
Hello leafs nation!

My name is Paul, I was born and raised in Scotland and moved to Toronto last summer. I've always enjoyed hockey, but over in the UK it's been a hard sport to follow with poor coverage on late night etc.

On arriving in Toronto I was excited to get into following the leafs. After 8 months I'm absolutely hooked. I'm currently posting in my jersey waiting on tonights game. I was in a bar the last game and my mate from ireland turned to me and "we need to get another goal". This caused us both to laugh as we've both only been in Toronto since summer and we've started calling the leafs "WE".

I've become completely obsessed. I went out and bought a leafs callender to mark down ever game to make sure I don't miss any games.

I wanted to join up for the forum as although I've been here since summer, I don't have many Canadian friends. Most of my mates here are Scottish or Irish. It's annoying as very few of them have an interest in the hockey and those that do have limited knowledge like myself. The only real Canadian mate I have follows the oliers and boos the leafs everytime we take him to the bar!

Anyway, thought I'd say hello.

Not sure my budget will stretch to paying $160 for a seat at the ACC but I've seen the Marlies a few games. Who knows I might still treat myelf.  Any advice on places to watch the games? I've been watching at hurricanes on bloor which is a fun sport. I know of real sports and hoops bar.

Also any advice on learning the game would be appreciated.

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