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Oh shut up Hrudey.
Kelly's face is getting larger by the week. Time for some time off the carbs and booze. Was right behind him at Predator Ridge course in the summer, razzed him on the drive by when I ran out of balls. If you golf, PR is a great course but I lost 100 balls.  ;)

Great courses there beautiful courses. U live out west Highlander?
Ya Vernon, I gotta a million dollar view of Lake Okanagan, but the city is filled with so many vagrants that it is downright uncomfortable.  They are everywhere and although I am a very compassionate person its just too much.  Sorry state, used to live in Collingwood, its way more beautiful in BC but the towns are miles apart. Sad to see so many people on drugs and down and out. After two years going to sell out and go to live near the coast.

Interesting. Iím near the coast (Langley) and will be almost certainly retiring up there (likely Lake Country area). I donít know anyone coming TO the coast as itís crazy expensive. Donít like to hear your comment. Any other issues?

The high flying Senaturds outplaying the Keystone Kops....

Look it up you whippersnappers  ;)

I know ďon any given dayĒ but come on. This is ridiculous

I get Hutch was screened, but, like, he wasn't even trying to look around the guy. Literally staring at his behind.

Well Kappy start digging out some suitcases

Wow. Awesome rush by Spezza.

This team is so frustrating

I think what the Edmonton game showed us was that this team isn't very good and Keefe is horribly overrated as a coach.  I personally prefer to do my evaluation on the team based on the most recent game rather than the collective of games coming before it.


Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Sandin back with the Marlies
« on: January 07, 2020, 09:22:51 PM »
Does burning a year affect the expansion draft protection plans?

I am in AZ and just found out two minutes ago the game is on.  YES.

What channel? Iím heading there for 10 days on Thursday and wanted to watch while down.

This is literally within a few days of Poile giving a quasi-vote of confidence.

Those comments have to be the worst in sports

Leafs only scored 3 goals so I guess we're not time-warping back to the early 90's after all.

The way Trotz has this team structured to play, I think it's about a 2 to 1 goal equivalent when playing against the islanders. So a solid 6-0 win.

I couldnít imagine watching 82 Islander games  :-[

And Uncle Leo hasnít scored in almost a year (Jan 20)?

Shades of Scott Gomez

As long as Willie keeps the effort up. Thatís his only real issue

Marchment is playing.

Bryan Marchment will take out someone's knee in the crowd to celebrate

Ooooh that is absolute GOLD  ;D ;D ;D LMFAO!

Uh oh the dreaded 4-1

Spezza is really good at gaining entry to the offensive zone on the 2U.  He just barrels up the middle and usually it works.

He might be the slowest best skater in the league.

Doesn't look like it to me.  Mind you, I remember Jason Allison's glory days with the Leafs so that's my point of reference.
Jason Allison skated like his skates where in cement pots

I seem to remember a penalty shot he took and it looked like the tv was showing a slow motion replay and not the actual penalty shot.

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