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Man we get stupid calls against us.

Anyone else underwhelmed with Clifford? 4th line I understand but I was expecting a crash and bash type of demon.

Marner needs to wake up. JT line should gets some good looks with Pesce and Slavin playing against Matthews.

I agree. Marner seems to think heís playing with an 8 foot stick and will blow up if he touches a Cane..

Well there goes trading Barrie.

Itís almost comical being a Leafs fan.

How tall is Igor anyway? 7í3Ē?

I think the shot count is BS. Hyman has more shots himself....

Barrie didnít get an assist there?

Ok...I know it was quoted 91 was over 50% in PP draws and it seems 34 wins A LOT of his but 91 lost another PP draw..

Have I mentioned that I love Sandin?

I may also be in love with Timothy Liljegren.

They have drying powders for that feeling

Liking 34 tonight. Seems like heís on a mission. And Campbell is giving me an odd feeling that Iím not used to...

Here we go again. That was a weak call

Why the hell does Tavares take any face offs?

Tavares has 56% overall face off win % and wins 56% of face offs on the power play.

Well of the 44% heís lost I guess Iíve noticed 96% of them.

Why the hell does Tavares take any face offs?

Reported on the radio in Vancouver that Tyson Barrie wants $8m x 8 years...?!!

This is great timing for him for this to come out... ;)

Ahh, the good old super accurate Vancouver radio station report about players from teams that aren't the Canucks.

I'd imagine they're just referencing the 7 month old report that said his camp was looking for $8mil. I don't think there's been any new information about that since then.

I hesitate to say who they attributed the report to......

Simmons <runs away>

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