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1 Events / Re: 2018-2019 Pick'em Standings Thread
« on: Today at 03:39:34 AM »
Leaderboard tallies including Round 6:

hockeyfan1             65
Hobbes                    55
BarMutt                    55

Results for Round 6:

BarMutt                11
hockeyfan1          11
   Tiebreaking Winner   
Hobbes                  6

This round's winner is...hockeyfan1 in a tiebreaker.  Nice.  :)   I'll post the next round's games by midweek.

Standings page:

Non-Hockey Chatter / Remembrance Day 2018
« on: Yesterday at 02:20:53 AM »

Well, for better or for worse, Sparks and McElhinney both have nearly identical save percentages thus far this season.  So it's hard to say we made the wrong move at this point.  A better backup would be good.  We'll see.  Good players cost money.

Babcock's choice wasn't Sparks but McElhinney.  We can see why.  It's debatable on whether Sparks has the mentality or composure, or whether it's a matter of not playing regularly that  hampers him.

Sparks sports the highest Expected Save Percentage in the league.  Small sample size on account of the fact that he played nary a few games.  It would be interesting to see what would happen if he were given play on a more consistent basis.

Dubas had faith in going with Sparks as the backup (and perhaps as the eventual go-to frontrunner in replacing Freddie at some point in time).  Or didn't he?

Babcock's rationale:

Well, well...

Boston's first line gives me the creeps.  They've simply taken off from last year, and should the Leafs meet them again in the playoffs, hopefully by then we've a plan to contain them.

This article here attemps to explain by illustrating, that on 5v5 the Leafs one-up Boston in every category, as compared to last season.

Go get 'em, Leafs!


Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Aliens
« on: November 10, 2018, 10:32:56 AM »
An incident once happened in my parents' hometown in Italy (in the Abbruzzo region).

A close relative of my father recounted the story of one of our distant relatives in the town who was an engineer in charge of operations regarding the turbines.  This person was the last to leave the place for the night and as he was traversing the parking lot to access his car, he clearly froze -- couldn't move literally.

He was suddenly besieged by a series of very bright lights going on & off intermittently, and all he could do was stay immobilized while looking up at what appeared to resemble an alien craft -- a UFO.
The lights kept getting intense and he eventually found himself on the ground with the inability to move.

This went on for what seemed like hours.  He was found semi-conscious by concerned townspeople who went searching for this missing person, as his wife who was at home waiting for him asked the neighbours to help locate her husband.

He was eventually examined medically as he recalled what he could remember about the incident.  At first it would have been dificcult to believe such a story, but because the turbines themselves were all damaged-- this was not just an incident anymore but had now become a full government investigation, as well as media coverage.  The story also appeared in several US publications including the tabloids of the day such as The Enquirer.

We didn't necessarily believe the story at first, but upon further thoughts and the fact of how or who could have damaged those turbines extensively in the manner in which they were, gave this incident some credibility.

This happened at some point in the 1970's.  The individual (relative) whom this happened to never quite recovered from the effects it had on his health:  he suffered temporary and persistent nerve pain to a part of his body and he was left shaken to the core.  Eventually though, over time, he did recover but only partially, and he would never ever forget what transpired that night.

We'll have to thank the space aliens for making the town temporarily famous.  :)

It was at the time, and you could add it is today, still unclear what  exactly that really was - a UFO, a top-secret (U.S./CIA experiment, etc.).  The Italian government would have be dismissive at the outset if it really were a top-secret gov. experiment.  They were just as puzzled and stunned by the effects and the aftermath.  The damaging of the turbines affected the town -- shut down the electricity -- something that had never happened in such a wide context before. Definitely something to ponder about.

Sat. Nov. 10

6 Pittsburgh     - Arizona @ Pittsburgh         7pm
4 Carolina         - Detroit @ Carolina               7pm
2 Columbus     - NY Rangers @ Columbus   7pm
3 NYIslanders  - NY Islanders @ Florida       7pm
1 Toronto          - Toronto @ Boston                7pm
5 Montral        - Las Vegas @ Montral        7pm

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Contracts for the Big-3
« on: November 10, 2018, 05:30:32 AM »

The longer time it takes for Nylander to get signed, the better for the Leafs...up to a point:

Why create a situation where the AAV on contracts varies if deals are signed midseason?
I asked NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly, who was part of designing the CBA, and he said it was included to help prevent teams and players from having these protracted negotiations. Jacking up the Year 1 cap hit each day a deal isnt done was one way they felt they could do that.
It is intended to disincentivize clubs and players from using partial season contracts, Daly said via email.
The odd part about where the Leafs are at with Nylander is that this rule is having the opposite impact.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: The Donald
« on: November 09, 2018, 11:35:55 AM »
War of words...


All Sports But Hockey / Re: 2018-2019 NFL Thread
« on: November 09, 2018, 11:14:24 AM »
Female producer made NFL hisrory:

General NHL News & Views / Re: Chicago fires Joel Quenneville
« on: November 07, 2018, 04:22:03 PM »
A reiteration of the reasoning (of Quennville's firing):

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2018-2019 NHL Thread
« on: November 07, 2018, 02:10:21 AM »
Reminiscent of those Gretzky-esque '80's days:

MotM:  Andersen
Hm:       Brown

Nods to Marner, Kadri, Tavares, Hyman, Gardiner, Reilly.

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