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Toronto hasnít even been in position to sweep California since then.

Shilton is a pretty good beat writer but this makes no sense.  Every time they play in California they are in a position to sweep ... before their first game.

Would be if I were picking apart posters' sentences on here.  Not so, critiquing the pros.

Talk to the writer or talk to her bosses, having a pop at her here just makes you look like an a-hole.

The thing is, I know youíre not, youíre a great guy who adds a ton of value here, be that guy, not the pedant.


I've probably said some version of this before but I think physicality, both being able to dish and take hits, is undeniably a good quality in a hockey player but where I think you run into trouble is in valuing it to the point where a player who otherwise wouldn't be in the lineup wins his place there as a result. Typically when we think of "physical" players as a real plus we think of the power forwards who are good enough to play regardless. The value of the 4th line bruiser is something else entirely.

Thatís how Iíd describe Marchment, heís probably the premier power forward in the AHL. I donít think he will be a star, but he strikes me as the type of bottom of the lineup player Babcock loved in Detroit and would be an interesting net front presence on PP2.

The development curve heís been on is pretty spectacular and is a testament to the Leafs development staff, he didnít look like a pro when they signed him.

Great response period.

Although the fourth line has been good tonight, I feel like Marchment would give them a dimension they donít have. To be clear heís not just a goon, he skates very well for someone 6í4Ē and over two bills, forechecks like a demon and has a good shot as well as being good in tight.

He also wouldnít be afraid to push back when the opposition are taking liberties physically like the Sharks are tonight and how Boston was Saturday.

Iíd pay good money to watch Jim Hughson sustain a traumatic brain injury.

I am so sick of that stretch pass, and I am so sick of them flipping the puck out of the zone. Make some plays or find players who can.

Weak goal on Sparks. He needs to have that.

Iíd have liked him to stop it, but itís a tip from 4 feet away, hard to fault that.

Good first period.

Iíd like to see Marchment get a look on the fourth line. He can really skate, score from the dirty areas and has an element the Leafs are completely missing.

Iím all for skating teams to death, but it helps to have more strings to your bow.


Iím fairly certain Bettman has Parkinsonís, I first noticed his shakes over a year ago and it looks to have gotten a bit worse. I wonder if itís part of why heís being put in now.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: The Official Gaming Thread
« on: October 29, 2018, 08:07:08 PM »
Iím super early in RDR2 like 10% but it seems very slow, Iím sure if you just blast through the missions itíll pick up and the pace will pickup, but itís just so vast itíd fee like youíre missing out on the plethora of little side activities etc.

Yeah, that was one ugly game. Luckily Freddy made some good saves. I'm a bit tired of hearing the team has to figure out the system. Give them an understandable system.

You guys talk about systems like it removes the player's ability to think. What I'm seeing is poor decisions repeatedly. Not poor planning.

It does not of course, but the answer to poor structure isnít to abandon all structure which is essentially what they are doing by giving the puck possession away so frivolously. 

The reason an adherence to a somewhat strict structure is so important is so that when you are tired, pressured and unable to think creatively to make a play, you can fall back on structure. I am here, I therefore know there are players in spot x, y and z that will allow us to transition quickly.

The ceding of possession should be a last resort when all else has failed. 

There was a similar mindset in other sports where going long all the time was seen to be pragmatic because it took the ball/puck away from your goal.

Ultimately though the teams that have a solid structure that produce large possession disparities are by a significant majority the ones who win.

Owning the puck will allow the skill of our players to shine through.

Iím not sure Babcock is willing to be that expansive though and thus we will likely see more of the glass play and stationary tip ins with limited speedy forecheck.


Matthews demoted due to 5v5 performance, Ennis sucked.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Useless Thread
« on: September 23, 2018, 11:12:28 AM »
Hey kids

I hope youíre well amigo.


Sandin-Liljegren would be a great bottom pair. Donít @ me.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Contracts for the Big-3
« on: September 16, 2018, 05:15:36 PM »
Just as an aside, another of the marquee RFA's in the same sort of boat as Nylander just signed a 2-year bridge deal.

Josh Morrissey 2 x $3.15

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