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Thanks for the find Herman.  I don't recall reading that he posted it for the team. I recall reading he showed the list and that's exactly what he did.
End of the day I don't buy his excuse. He took a private conversation between a player and a coach and used what was said/written to try and "motivate" Bozak.
I think Babs should have aired it out with the team regardless of Mitch's decline. Easy enough to explain what a jerk you were and how you screwed him. It probably would have went a long way in the respect game.

Maybe I was underestimating his speed from last year, but Mikheyev seems faster to me.


Mikheyev is awesome. People will eventually listen to me.  ;D

He's such a weird player. I'd almost call him the Pascal Siakam of hockey. So much raw potential, but missing the finer points.
I'd like to see him get a shot on the PP at some point. I think he has the skills. He's def good defensively.

MOTM Freddie our best PKer
HM..Going with Brodie...outstanding
Lots of stick taps. I don't think anyone was sub par. Great defensive effort.

great play by brodie blocking the cross crease pass

The D was the star tonight, starting from Fred on out.

Cheap shot on Marner there.
Brodie outstanding tonight.

Maybe I was underestimating his speed from last year, but Mikheyev seems faster to me.
He can fly.

Great work by Mikheyev there.

I mean you can?t do anything about that but it?s insane how this team gets nothing from the refs
You jinxed it. Shhhh!

C'mon Rielly. Enough of these stupid  penalties.

I like when guys grab you trying to skate in on the forecheck.  That makes for fun hockey
Yeah and no call. Unreal.

Freddie was huge there.

What a shock.  Winnipeg to the powerplay
No kidding.

I?m concerned Winnipeg is going to be fed a couple of early powerplays and will have a big momentum push off of them

It is frustrating that they could only turn that domination into a 1 goal lead.
Like Keefe has said he doesn't believe the offense has hit it's stride yet.

Great period overall though. Domination. Let's bring it home.

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