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Darn it!  Too bad Andersen lost the SHUTOUT!

Mikheyev can skate. Fast for a bog man. Impressed with Holl so far.
Is Mikheyev from the inner bog or outer bog?   :o

The Sheldon Keefe era begins.
Go Leafs Go!
Let's hope it's a long and fruitful era.  A couple of Cup wins would be much appreciated.

Finally happy to resume watching our Leafs play.

Win, or lose, it will finally be all about the players, and not Mike Babcock betting on himself.

Unleash the dogs Keefe, let them play their brand of hockey. Make it fun for everyone!


This seems pretty inconsequential.

I hope so, however, it can become a chronic issue over time.


    So, a delayed start to his off season training.

Former Leafs: Ex-Files / R.I.P. Red Kelly
« on: May 02, 2019, 04:51:20 PM »
Red Kelly was a great hockey player for our Leafs. His leadership helped our Leafs to win 4 Stanley Cups in the 1960s.  A great hockey player, and always, a better gentleman!

I would like to extend my sincere condolences to his family, friends, former teammates, and, to all others who knew and loved him.

Red was a pretty good defenseman for Detroit that transformed into a very good shut down centre for our Leafs.

Another great hockey player from my childhood has departed all too soon.  I'm crying as I try to finish typing this message.  :'(

Back breaker right there!  Andersen let's it go right through!

One and done.  Which team will be done?

No surprise here: Stevie Y to take over from Holland.
Exactly, no surprise at all.  As soon as he stepped down with the Lightning, it was a fait accompli he'd be back in Detroit.   ::)

Did he have advanced notice that his Lightening would be out in the 1st round?   :-\

Gardiner, gains the blue line, passes it directly to a Bruin.

Git'er done Leafs!

3 down, 1 to go, can we please just close it out at home now on Sunday. 

Chara with 3 hard cross checks to Tavares.  No call.
If it were reversed, you can bet Tavares would have been given a penalty.

Just show up for the start.   Get the first goal.
Get the first 5 goals...

Allow 2 thereafter.

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