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NHL Transactions / Re: 2018-19 Trade Talk
« on: July 17, 2019, 01:55:05 PM »
F off, like I, would make light of that. You never cease to aggravate. You make this place a total misery. Do you get tired of people telling you that?

I was referring to the list itself, not you but to answer your question I don't think I've particularly cared about anything you've said one way or the other
Quit irritating the SH@t out people. You can make a choice to not be such A-hole. EVERYONE else around here does it effortlessly.

NHL Transactions / Re: 2018-19 Trade Talk
« on: July 17, 2019, 01:47:13 PM »
The recent plight of a Sens fan.

Yeah, I suppose I personally wouldn't refer to two people losing a child as part of my plight as a fan but YMMV.
F off, like I, would make light of that. You never cease to aggravate. You make this place a total misery. Do you get tired of people telling you that?

NHL Transactions / Re: 2018-19 Trade Talk
« on: July 17, 2019, 12:00:27 PM »
I'm not entirely sure what the point of that list is but including the ways the hockey team has messed up both on and off ice with personal tragedies that have befallen people seems like it's in bad taste.
The recent plight of a Sens fan.

NHL Transactions / Re: 2018-19 Trade Talk
« on: July 17, 2019, 10:58:07 AM »
From Reddit:

The Ottawa Senators since losing in game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final. Take a deep breath, everyone...

• Bryan Murray passes away

• Owner Eugene Melnyk threatens fans at outdoor game that he'll move team

• Melnyk tells Brent Wallace he'll "bury" him

• Most talented player in franchise history, Erik Karlsson, put on trade block

• Assistant GM Randy Lee accused of sexually harassing 19-year old bus driver

• Melnyk hires the Larry Flynt lawyer to represent Randy Lee

• New COO has to be hired before Randy Lee is suspended

• Randy Lee steps down

• After months, new assistant GM is finally hired

• Mike Hoffman’s girlfriend stalks and harasses Erik Karlsson and his wife online

• Fan favourite Turris is shipped off

• Team traded potential 1st-overall pick in 2019 for one year of Matt Duchene

• Started "rebuild" two months later

• Fans started revolt against owner, erecting billboards

• Daniel Alfredsson leaves again, this time from the front office

• Alfredsson later says to reporter he hopes a new owner comes soon

• Melnyk fires CEO, named himself new CEO

• Erik Karlsson’s son is stillborn

• Craig Anderson and Mike Condon have career-awful seasons

• Anderson reportedly asks for trade, is still on team

• Condon has an even worse start to the next season, is never heard from again

• Not enough money for ushers in the third deck

• First town hall meeting allowed reporters but banned recording gear and laptops

• Town hall meeting where owner said Alfredsson wanted to leave

• Promise made to not trade Erik Karlsson at draft and make a contract offer

• Karlsson turns down offer that, allegedly, had no no trade protection

• Karlsson traded for Six Assets

• Karlsson states he believes if he'd signed offer he'd have been traded anyway

• Karlsson does not thank owner on way out

• Jonathan Pitre passes away

• Clarke MacArthur forced to retire from concussions

• Dion Phaneuf traded to LA, his retained salary is now 2nd-highest paid D

• Onesies with the team logo on it have been recalled for being a choking hazard

• Cody Ceci accidentally sets friend's girlfriend on fire

• Melnyk and Borowiecki have Twin Peaks-level interview

• When asked what fans can look forward to, Dorion pauses for over 5 seconds

• "We're a team"

• O logo replaced at centre ice by 3D centurion

• Team refuses to refund season tickets after Karlsson trade

• Season tickets down by 4,000

• Opening night heavy balls are dropped on fans

• Uber video showing players roasting assistant coach and defence

• Postmedia refuses to take down video, Ken Warren kicked off team charter

• Something called furry night actually referring to pets happens

• Team forgets to hire promo photographer for LGBTQ night until a week before event

• Team adopts dog, immediately go on losing streak

• Melnyk tells a group of sponsors - in Toronto - the team will spend near the cap in 2021

• "Five years of unparalleled success"

• Keith Tkachuk publicly states he wants Mark Stone signed to keep helping his son

• Matt Duchene traded to Columbus for Multiple Assets

• Ryan Dzingel traded a day later to Columbus for Multiple Assets

• Mark Stone traded to Vegas days later for Three Assets

• Duchene and Stone both say they received fair offers from Senators, decided not to sign

• Stone agrees to deal with Vegas in 30 minutes

• Stone says he likes Vegas' owners's commitment to winning

• Melnyk caught on video saying Stone trade has been planned for some time

• Six players remain from 2017 playoff roster

• Coach Guy Boucher fired under 24 hours after Dorion says decision will be made in spring

• Dorion jokes around during Boucher firing press conference

• Every single press release includes "rebuild" in some form

• Downtown arena deal starts and stops multiple times

• Pro-Melnyk Twitter bots use stock photos of women's faces

• Aimee Deziel, Chief Marketing Officer, says there are as many anti-Melnyk bots as pro-Melnyk bots

• Lebreton Flats Facts dot com

• Melnyk sues former Lebreton co-developer for $750M, is countersued for $1B

• Arbitrator brought in, deal falls completely apart

• Pierre Dorion refers to Mark Stone trade as his proudest moment as GM

• Dorion does not think there's a disconnect between team and fans

• Dorion inexplicably doxxes himself at Navan Arena

• Post-trade deadline radio call-in show lasts 12 hours

• After trading top six scorers from last season, Dorion tells team "no excuses"

• Doug MacLean and Brian Burke roast Dorion and Melnyk on Sportsnet

• Sharks made room for Karlsson by dumping Mikael Boedker on Ottawa in a previous trade

• Community ambassadors do media circuit talking about importance of community outreach less than 48 hours after no team (only Sens Foundation) presence at Capital Pride

• Dorion during his radio interview: "Fans are married to players. Marry new players. Get a new girlfriend."

• Fan has heart attack in the stands

• JG Pageau gets injured on the first day of training camp

• MacArthur's career was ended by a concussion sustained in training camp by a minor league teammate (Patrick Sieloff) who was later re-signed to an extension

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: William Nylander
« on: July 16, 2019, 03:22:30 PM »
Dog days of summer for us hockey puck fans. With my Blue Jays barely palatable I have drifted towards cooking shows.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: The Official TV Thread
« on: July 16, 2019, 03:19:20 PM »
My opinion of it is still based entirely on the original promos that aired during HNIC and the fact that it's produced by the CBC but I refuse to believe that Schitt's Creek is even remotely good. I don't care how many people tell me otherwise I'm standing my ground here.

I actually enjoy Schitt's Creek a lot and I was vehemently against it. Catherine O'Hara is freaking fantastic.
Agree. Fantastic show. Eugene Levy and his son are brilliant and so is O'Hara. I think this show is a lot like Corner Gas in a way that it's a love it or hate it kind of deal. To each their own.
After Life by Ricky Gervais on Netflicks....brilliant. And if you have the time, watch Derek, another show by Gervais.
Great show, the character Twyla is also a Levy. Not only is it a good show but it's actually somewhat wholesome. It breaks down wealth barriers between classes and normalizes sexual preferences.

The Babcock ship has sailed for me, still can't believe he'll be back. I know we poke fun but it's not funny, his decision making has been ridiculous and if his curious decision making continues it will be a colossal piss off.

Man Harpur getting playing time would probably bother me even more than Ceci being on the team will.

You just know Babcock gonna Babcock and roll Harpur out there 30 minutes a night. 

The saving grace here is that despite being a giant Harpur isn't really a physical defenceman. So I'm not convinced that Babcock will fall in love with him. I think Borgman or Gravel are more likely to play while Dermott's out.
Spezza is going to be our first line center being a gud pro and all.


Are the Maple Leafs better than last season? You don't really have to read the precipitating article to participate in this conversation, because I'm sure you, person who is spending time on this forum, have plenty of thoughts on the matter.

Going into this offseason, the Leafs were faced with their biggest cap crunch on top of a contentious Marner contract negotiation, on top of likely losing talent to free agency off the backend in Gardiner due to said crunch, all without being able to address that crater in RD that has been there since... Robert Svehla apparently. In the span of two weekends, Dubas has reshaped the roster drastically (outside of the core) to what a very negative reading could characterize as 'treading water' while actually addressing the cap crunch, adding a top-end RD (the R is for Rover!), and blocking off any reasonable offersheet threat to Marner.
Better this year. The core is older and wiser. New special teams coaches, although statistically not that bad, talent wise the PP should be exponentially better. Barrie is better then each of Zaitsev/Gardiner/Hainsey so since our top 3 D is better I am going say our D will be improved.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Media Thread
« on: July 12, 2019, 01:13:45 PM »
I am embarrassed for both TSN and Sportsnet radio this week, especially in the morning. Truly awful radio. Surely, they can hire a few more capable people. Anyone else listening to this garbage?

Why aren't other teams clamoring to sign him?

I've talked about this before, but in a nutshell I think there's a lot of hockey people out there who view him only as a 40-point "offensive defenceman" with defensive deficiencies and they don't want to pay $6-7mil+ for someone like that. I'd argue about their reasoning but maybe they're right about their conclusion. It's tough to drop that kind of money on a defenceman who doesn't have a history of PK'ing and doesn't actually put up a ton of points. Jake's value in the NHL thus far has almost entirely been just dominating possession at 5-on-5 and it's tough to determine how much that's worth to a team.
We may have a tendency to overvalue our own.

Former Leafs: Ex-Files / Re: Minor Ex-Leaf News
« on: July 11, 2019, 11:54:17 AM »

Nice to see that kind of honesty from someone. Lupul had all the tools to be one of the greats, his body just couldn't hack it. Good for you Joffrey and hope you have those kids and a happy life.
Kind of surprised, I thought for sure it was all about burying his contract but he acknowledges he couldn't physically handle it.

All Sports But Hockey / Re: NBA Off-Season Discussion
« on: July 11, 2019, 11:52:21 AM »
It's kind of funny having people upset at Kawhi leaving (and granted I would have much rather he re-signed if possible) when the Raptors dumped Derozan the year before.  Sports is a business.  It's also real people we are talking about and at the end of the day they have more than just the sport on their mind when making decisions. 

Money doesn't take emotion out of the players and we shouldn't expect them to be robots when it comes to where they work or how they perform based on a paycheck.
He went home which no one can blame him for. I just wish he would say, "Thanks T.O." or something? Haven't heard boo from him.


Username checks out.
Can someone explain this one to me? I am confused as to why this guy would sign for just $1M. Wilson's Koolaid must be laced with something.

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