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Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: Yesterday at 08:05:22 PM »
Thanks Stebro for the update, it is most appreciated.  I live in interior BC where up till now Covid has virtually not touched, until now with the summer heat.  Young people are getting together to be....well young people, trying to have fun and meet other young people.  So in fact the fastest growing cases seem to be in the 20's for sure.

I wish things were being handled more like Sweden, there is far to much panic that the media spreads like wildfire. 

Agreed G.T. the team is on the way up. The team is still very young.

Hey Stebro,  I was just thinking of you. How are things in Sweden, your country may be the model for how to handle Covid?  What is your current thinking, you can post back on Coronavirus thread if you wish.

Nice of Torts to step up. Keefe is a good coach. Just need a few more key pieces and a full training camp.  Goodbye to Ceci and Barrie.  Good luck.

I'd do a Marner for Jones trade.

My son watch's most of the games with me. I think we would all agree that most games that one player is dogging it and then we turn on our verbal vitriol on the unhearing Leaf. Strange but usually within a minute or two the guy will make a great play or score. Like clockwork. 
So last night I said to my son, they are all playing like shit, so let's diss em all: Nylander, Hyman, Tavares, Marner and Rielly had, a diatribe for about half a minute.
Dammit it worked, they all became the superstars they are.  In almost 60 years watching this team, I have never seen anything like it. 
Don't care if they win the next one, really I don't. Of course I would be delighted but last night this team showed the character than all said we're lacking.  They didn't give up.  And neither should we.

Does anyone know the significance of the one Jacket player holding up his hand to his ear after scoring and saying "call me"?

I would of jumped him
The A hole got what he deserved.

If Muzzin had been playing then things would have been mucho different.

with a good clean hit I must add.

Clifford should have sorted out Dubois early, even is it was a picked fight. 

Why would dubois find it a good idea to fight a 4th liner? And why would you take an instigator penalty or worse to make it happen? Dumb.
Yes I am dumb, but Dubois scores three goals, all I am saying is Clifford was brought in to provide some sandpaper, so why not make Dubois wall paper. 

You know, I just can't get over that nasty crosscheck Dubois got away with. No second look by the NHL, who laughably call it a "freak" play? Then the guy scores 3 goals the next game?!

I have to think there is some ancient hockey irony creature-god who just despises the Leafs that every now and then is accidently awoken and ends up spending his limited time awake wreaking maniacal anti-Leafs havoc. Is there any other explanation?
Would have loved to see Clifford have a go at Dubois right from the get go.  Could have unsettled him a bit.

Robertson (for #1 of many to come)

Clifford should have sorted out Dubois early, even is it was a picked fight.  Look at the Jets game, gloves off on opening faceoff.

Ok Blue Jays Talk / Re: 2020 Blue Jays General Season Thread
« on: August 07, 2020, 11:46:04 AM »
I always looked at Charlie as a 2-3 year shepherding manager, that once all the new stars had a year or two under there caps, that a new manager would come in and work this team into champions.
I like Chuck M a lot, but some of his decision making is head-scratching.

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