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I meant Engvall on the PK.

It?s only game 2, guys. Sloppiness is to be expected.
It's against Ottawa.

There are no easy nights in the NHL.

Also, first road game, etc. Guys are rusty. They?ll get better (hopefully).
I like your optimism, your right we have to give these guys 10 games but I will say the Jumbo Joe first line thing is not working (and its not going to)
For some reason I missed Engvall, especially on the PP

WARNING: I'm going to start whining about why isn't Sandin playing real soon.
Ya and Lehtonen,  Bogosian is a stiff and were stuck with Brodie for how many years.  Perhaps the Oilers need another RHD.

Brodie has been abysmal and more swimming by Andersen
Hate to say it but Brodie will be our new goat..Bah Bah

I'd like to see the Leafs have a laugher of a win for once. Score early, score often and wrap it up like 6-1.

I could get aboard that train . As long as its not running down giant elephants in St. Thomas.
Jumbo Joe...JUMP and clear the track.

I appreciate the slight jab at the sens in lower case.

Are you new?
We need a lot of new blood on this site.  Invite friends, Romans and Countrymen.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: Yesterday at 12:31:34 PM »
Sorry Arn, lost my Mom in February at 97. Never easy whatever age.

Game takes:  Marner outside of his assist was not a force. Anderson looked weak, Campbell should be given the opportunity and run with it.  Personally I would trade Freddo and run with Campbell and Dell. Get something for him while he is still worth something. He is not our playoff Goalie and won't be resigned.

Sorry to say it but Jumbo Joe will not stay on line 1, to old and slow, fine as C #4 or try him at #3 for a while. Still a good addition for the locker room.

Said it before,  I think Brodie will be our kicking boy before too long. Just saying.

Do we really need at Holl at 2 Million when Sandin and Liljegren are ready to play?

Simmons,  Barbanov were pleasant surprises.  Matthews and Nylander, beast mode.

My wife said that Burke is starting to look like the Crypt Keeper.  All he needs is a black cape.

Uh the Habs don't look too bad.
Didn't realize they had so many good players...what the hell happened?

Ya Dubas went exactly against Burke's philosophy, start from the net and build out from the D to the Forwards.  Outside of inheriting Freddo, we started building arguably the best Forward core in the league.  I would say our D has improved considerable and will continue to improve as some of our prospects continue their development.  What previous Leaf team wouldn't have both Sandin and Liljegren on the team two years ago.  From what I saw of both of them in the scrimmage is they both have benefited hugely from the long development runway they have been given. Obviously Brodie and Bogosian are huge upgrades from last year.  When you have to sit the KHL D man of the year, things are looking up.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: January 13, 2021, 03:18:47 PM »
Fairly escalated on a personal level here.

My dad tested positive about 2 weeks ago. He was mostly OK bar feeling pretty lousy. We couldn't work out where he'd picked it up.

Then about a week later my aunt also tested positive. My cousin also tested positive and my other aunt has had symptoms but didn't get a test.

The same day my granny was taken into hospital after a couple of weeks of not being great and having rapidly worsened. She tested positive and is now on a ventilator in ICU having had a blood oxygen level that was massively below the safe minimum level.

My granny (aged 94) is housebound and in a wheelchair so has carers visit the house a couple of times a day to do bits and pieces to help her out. My dad and 2 aunts had been taking turns to pop in and visit at a social distance stood in the porch through the window. We now suspect the carers have brought it in and my dad and aunts and cousin have picked it up there. Scary how quick it escalated.
Hey Arn, please stay safe and hope your family all recover. 

Thanks, I hope to put my two cents worth in a bit more often this season.
Your a tough Nut to crack! ;)

Go leafs. Kick some Habs butt..

Well well well look what the cat dragged in.

I have been here all along.  Just lurking for the most part. I have been here far to many years to leave.
Hey Nutman, nice to hear from you.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: January 12, 2021, 04:38:12 PM »
What is pissing me off the most, is the National is reporting new cases and deaths every day.  Last nights episode had little to nothing on the vaccine(s) and roll out programs.  While the statistics on numbers and deaths are necessary, those of us waiting (with underlying conditions) for a jab want to do know what the plan is for the roll-out, timetables, progress and any innovative plans for distribution (how about Shoppers Drug Mart, who have freezer capacity for the Pfizer vaccine). What about updates on when the other vaccines will be here;  Johnson and Johnson, will the Oxford vaccine be here, etc. etc.

Canadians want hope, not more misery.  Light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

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