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The thing is Marner is still putting up a lot of points despite his overall play.

I honestly don't see much difference in his play ly vs cy. He consistently makes high level plays, leads the team in ppg, runs the pp (3rd in league I think?), is good on the PK, and instead of opening up space for Tavares to hit a career best in goals, is now doing the same for matthews.

I'm not saying he's a steal at 11m, but I don't think he's anything even remotely close to the problem with the team.

So that was my long winded way of saying, and my cheap excuse for telling that story, that look on the bright side people.  In 19 games, one way or another, the Leafs regular season will be done.

Got confused and went to airport. Purchased cinnabon.

I once thought these players would certainly bring a championship.  I no longer believe they are capable of so doing.

I'm not sure I'd go that far. I've always been a bit skeptical of Dubas' approach, particularly in the Barrie acquisition and the prioritization of cap forwards over defence, but Matthews, Marner and Tavares are terrific players, and when the team gets balanced out regarding supporting line roles and talent on the back end, they'll be as good a core as anything out there in the league. They've got lots of time in these contracts to improve around them.

19 games to go. They need something, just not sure what lol. Maybe we'll have Dumba or Manson by Tuesday's game.

I think Dubas is in a pretty risky situation; he's really given a haircut to the team's prospects and picks in the short term, and with the results of late, he's hardly negotiating from a position of strength -  and on top of that, our forward depth, with Mikeyev and Johnsson out, isn't quite as deep as it looked awhile back if you're moving a roster player.

I dunno. Considering how far out the team appears to be from contending, they should really be taking an offseason approach to acquisitions. 

They've still won more 60 minute hockey games than the Hurricanes this season and there's just no way that could be true if tonight was anything more than a particularly bad aberration.

I think unfortunately the leafs' record with Reilly/Ceci out is more representative of what to expect for the rest of the way. The leafs banked a fair number of wins with a middling defense, not the tire fire that remains.

I had a hard time getting to bent out of shape, just because this game was so ridiculous. I loved it. At the end of the day, it's all about entertainment. 

Regarding the team, it's pretty clear with all of the injuries, they may be dressing the worst defense in the league, and it's going to get badly exposed now and again. If they limp in the the playoffs, no problem, but they should be moving whoever doesn't have term.

Barrie again. Sigh.

That $1 mc coffee is owning me these days.

Nice setup.

Oh, Nylander is playing. I just saw him.

Ah well. No one ever confused Barrie with a crease clearing defenceman.

That's a nice save.

I'm amazed to see Barrie back on the bench. Thought for sure his shoulder was dislocated.

Same. I still think that should have been a major penalty, though.


Looks like trade's back on the menu, boys!


Marincin gets a lot of criticism for being a league minimum 7th defenseman.

No one is expecting bobby orr, but you simply can't have a guy in the lineup that can't reliably give and receive an pass with time and space.

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