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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / the leafs
« on: March 23, 2015, 10:16:51 PM »
this is a very sad state of affairs for this team . thye are as good on paper as any team in the east . I think we need to get babcock and get mark hunter in as GM.get what we can for kessel and phanuf .its just not gonna work here they have lost the fans of the leafs.if anyone reads this that gets to shanahan I read somewhere imlach screwd a guy out of his bonus the last cup and he hexed them to never win until he gets his money . Christ all mitey pay him out of petty cash . out of pizza money or tims money for these guys .set it right maybe the draft will fall our way .this has to turn around now . to me its the gm just not the right guy and coach to . but the scouting drafting have been hideous sine wendel . my mother could have picked him . name me a real hockey player they have found . over the years .not one star ,a few so so did they miss some of these picks I always read about .heads would roll I can tell u that if I was there in charge.we are cursed this has to change pay him think it was Hillman or baun not sure . someone out there knows . pay the guy like 15 undred or 2500.00 cant rember does anyone know about this curse . tell whoever u can pay the guy

Leafs Media Rumours / jeff carter
« on: November 19, 2011, 07:09:44 PM »
BB... i think its imperative you aquire jeff carter this time, we have missed him what twice now thnx to sundin and kaberle not takeing one for the team,you need to work your magic and get him without takeing to big a hit to the depth of this team or farm system. but it would give us a great 1&2 line and with graaber slotted in third line and power play work.

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