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Leafs Media Rumours / The media predictions for the Leafs.
« on: September 17, 2011, 08:27:33 PM »
I read Steve S______ the "Man" today crack writer for the Toronto Sun, but whom should really be writing for the Montreal Gazette.
Are the Leafs good enough to make the playoffs with the new additions in the off season?
His column makes note of the new Leafs.
Then the - and +, s

To make matters short he predicted the Leafs will miss the playoffs again.
Non apologetic.

"Reality: The Leafs haven’t made the playoffs since prior to the NHL’s locked-out season. And frankly, forget all the Brian Burke blather about 1967, missing out every spring is what has become embarrassing here in hockey country. It has gone on too long. And mediocrity has been accepted and at times almost celebrated. Qualifying for the playoffs is no longer a foregone conclusion in the NHL. The Eastern Conference has all kinds of depth and the Leafs, nine points out of a playoff spot last year, will have to find a way to be better than Montreal and the Rangers and Carolina and New Jersey, and reinvigorated Winnipeg, and quietly emerging Islanders team. Being eighth now is an accomplishment. And no sure thing."

I hope the Leafs make him eat his words.

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