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When the Leafs work this hard, they’re as good as any team in the league. If they could figure out how to put in this kind of effort for 60 minutes every game (or, at least, 90% of them), they’d be Cup contender instead of a bubble team.

Thing is, I really don't think this is true. When they're playing at their best they can beat anyone, yes, but A) I think that's true of probably 2/3rds of the league and B) I still don't think that makes them as good or as well rounded a team as Tampa, Boston or St. Louis. It's a team with a lot of offensive talent in their top lines but as we've seen with a lot of other guys in the past when super talented offensive players aren't scoring they get accused of laziness. So when they're on they can score with anyone but the difference between what the Leafs are and what they did tonight is more than just work ethic or whatever.

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I think it's funny that somehow Bernie Sanders being a "millionaire who owns multiple houses" is used as evidence of some sort of secretly being a plutocratic hypocrite when that statement is true of virtually everyone I know my parent's age who worked a steady job. My parents, a civil servant and a teacher, are "millionaires who own multiple homes" because they own a home in Downtown Toronto and my mom inherited a cabin.

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A limited series podcast I'd recommend:  The Shrink Next Door.  It's a true story told in 8 episodes that I think is better listened to without first knowing what it's about.

Quoting an old post here since I listened to it based on your recommendation.

Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell are starring in an upcoming series based on this.

I also just listened to it and enjoyed it a lot so thanks HS/Deebo.


I think the Leafs are an immensely talented team if you ignore the defense, goaltenders and bottom two lines.

Rumors that they want to extend him.  Has he signed yet?  If not, he could be a rental.

Of course it's not bloody likely but like I said it would be daring.

If you sign him for a reasonable amount and don't give trade protection he's more valuable in a potential future trade than as a rental.

No different that a lot on here who game after game think oh well onto the next one.

Yes. Those maniacs who don't get worked up about a recreational pasttime they have absolutely no control over.

It's the same crap after every loss.

I really don't think you're in any position to call anyone out for repeating the same crap after every loss.

Tavares has been around and whether the $11 million was too much or not he has paid his dues and little easier to swallow giving him that big money.

Quite frankly, that's ridiculous. Why in the world should I care about "dues paying" as opposed to whether or not they're providing good value?

The other 3 contracts put Dubas in a bind as far as doing anything else. He limited what he could do and I think that hurt this team big time.

If those three had signed for 5 million collectively less then the team would have an extra....let me do the math....5 million. 5 million is not a huge amount and would not substantially impact what the team could do and there are other, better ways to make that savings.

Yes, it's not good value this year but we can't complain about last year.

Clearly you underestimate my complaining powers.

No, seriously though, last year he was very good but even as good as he was last year he still had the 2nd highest cap hit in the league and was...a top 20 player? Top 15? He was 17th in Hart voting which may be about right.

So even when he's playing very well he's still not outperforming his salary.


I hate that the idea of "stripping" an A off of someone is so taboo because otherwise I'd say Muzzin should be getting one next season if he's sticking around long-term. Or you could go with a larger rotation like Rielly/Matthews one game and Muzzin/Marner the other. Or you could continue to think letters are completely meaningless. In any event nice to see him at least saying the right things. Here's hoping it hits the locker room hard.

How long do we have to keep hearing this crap. Tired of the excuses from these guys after every loss.

How in the world is "that's unacceptable" an excuse?

JT played the first 18 or so games with Marner and did nothing so that doesn't fly with me. He's had a difficult year.

I mean, tonight is just a perfect example of the problems the Leafs are going to have paying him 11 million per while a team like Pittsburgh has Crosby at 8.7.

And before the Capanista's start in on me, I know why Crosby's deal is cosmetically cheaper but the point isn't to compare the two directly but to make the point that the UFA market's inefficiency can really hurt. Lots of people, me included, were like "Eh, maybe it's not good value but Tavares is good and if you want him that's the cost" and that kind of thinking is proving costly.

I feel bad for Tavares. Last year he was on a line with Marner the passer and Hyman the digger, this year Nylander, not near the passer Marner is and more likely to take shots, and Kerfoot at this point who is not near the digger Hyman is. No wonder is stats are down this year.

To me that in a nutshell is the problem I have with Tavares. We should be talking about a guy making that kind of money as dragging guys to bigger seasons, not feeling bad because other guys aren't helping him enough.

I'm agnostic on trading Barrie but other than that I don't actually think the Deadline is a good time to make hockey trades. If you want to trade Kapanen or Kerfoot or whoever I'd do that sort of thing at the draft.

Yeah. Spezza HM Matthews.

He's costing the Leafs the better part of Nazem Kadri, or however you want to figure that trade.

Cute but the point is the same either way.

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