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Quote from: Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate link=topic=5634.msg375615#msg375615 idate=1570761675
Maybe we should rethink that Stanley Cup in 2020 thing?

Recency bias but after getting your clock cleaned like that it's hard to envision their defense getting them out of the first round, let alone thru 4 of them.

I think with all the roster turnover it will take 15-20 games to get comfortable

Babcocks seat getting hotter.   Should have been let go in April.

Probably the only thing you've ever said I agree with

You dont agree that Freddie isnt very good?


Babcocks seat getting hotter.   Should have been let go in April.

Probably the only thing you've ever said I agree with

Good night everyone. Had enough of this crap.

see ya later bro

Hutch is trash.

Leafs refuse to get a competent backup.
I bet the conversation went like this :
Leafs Ass't GM: "Doobie, I've got a deal in place for a minimum salary competent back-up."
Dubas: "no. I REFUSE!"

Didn't he bring in Michal Neuvirth for the exact role and he crashed and burned?


Ok, cool, I just don't get why you scratch him against Ottawa if it's just a random rotation. He was obviously looking forward to this one since he signed.
Based on Spezza's comments there's no lingering soreness or anything with him. This is just Babcock being Babcock, showing who's boss.

Such a dick move

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Marner signs 6 year, $10.893mil AAV contract
« on: September 13, 2019, 07:12:33 PM »
1.5 M more that Kucherov...nice

Kerfoot was 56% on face-offs last season. Back to back 40-point seasons. Was just over 50% in possession last season. The drop from Kadri to him probably isn't that massive.

Maybe. But I worry we may be judging Kadri too much on a down year.

we wasn't playing top on 2 lines...just isn't suited for 3rd center. flourished in second line roll, which isn't an option in Toronto. if anything Matthews and Tavares will get more minutes this season

NHL Transactions / Re: Kessel to ARI for Galchenyuk
« on: June 29, 2019, 07:58:24 PM »

Heard Dreger said the Leafs offered 2.1 per for 2 years and 2.6 per for 4 years at the deadline for Johnsson and he turned it down. There's no way he can get over 2.5 and that's pushing it. He's played 1 year in the NHL.

Looks at Zaitsev contract and runs away

At the end of the day it's a results oriented league.  The Leafs have an expensive team with a lot of talent.  If Babcock can't get them to win in the playoffs, that's going to be the reason he gets fired.  Three straight good regular seasons and an 8-12 record in the postseason.  They either advance in the playoffs this year or he is toast.

Theres at least a 50/50 chance they play Boston again.  You gotta hope that Chara/Bergeron/Krejci start to slow down

*sigh* One can dream...

That basically guarantees hes back

I mean it's not even a "Blundell" scoop... it's written by a guy named Shug. Shug for gods sake!

I suspect the 'little birdie' that provided the information is a concussion related hallucination.

I thought the term "little birdie" went out with the Big Band Era.

Not sure what he means by the leafs eating 2M....after they pay his signing bonus he's only owed 1.25M in real dollars.  Can you retain cap hit and not dollars?

Who is this Nordstrom character?  Hes a one man wrecking crew

Who is this Nordstrom character?  Hes a one man wrecking crew

I don't know if I have it in me to watch another game 7 at boston.

Its unlikely to go well.

you also predicted the Leafs would lose in 4 or 5.  so there's that

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