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Montréal @ Vancouver     - Canucks 3
Los Angeles @ Nashville  - Preds 6
Edmonton @ Calgary         - Flames 2
St.Louis @ San Jose          - Sharks 4
Dallas @ NYIslanders       - Isles 1
Minnesota @ Chicago      - Wild 5


I've probably said some version of this before but I think physicality, both being able to dish and take hits, is undeniably a good quality in a hockey player but where I think you run into trouble is in valuing it to the point where a player who otherwise wouldn't be in the lineup wins his place there as a result. Typically when we think of "physical" players as a real plus we think of the power forwards who are good enough to play regardless. The value of the 4th line bruiser is something else entirely.

That’s how I’d describe Marchment, he’s probably the premier power forward in the AHL. I don’t think he will be a star, but he strikes me as the type of bottom of the lineup player Babcock loved in Detroit and would be an interesting net front presence on PP2.

The development curve he’s been on is pretty spectacular and is a testament to the Leafs development staff, he didn’t look like a pro when they signed him.

The kind of player you really crave is someone Iginla or Wendel (when he still had a functional back) or Shanahan...loves to throw the body and muck it up, no hesitation to drop the gloves at the right moment, some decent speed and a wicked shot. Unfortunately those are so rare...

Sat. Nov. 10

Arizona @ Pittsburgh         -  Pens 4
Detroit @ Carolina             -  Canes 5
NY Rangers @ Columbus    -  Jackets 6
NY Islanders @ Florida       -  Isles 3
Toronto @ Boston              -  Leafs 1
Las Vegas @ Montréal        -  Habs 2

Here are your Hall of Fame weekend games. All times EST.  Deadline is Saturday 7pm

Good luck!

Sat. Nov. 10

Arizona @ Pittsburgh         -  7pm
Detroit @ Carolina             -  7pm
NY Rangers @ Columbus    -  7pm
NY Islanders @ Florida       -  7pm
Toronto @ Boston              -  7pm
Las Vegas @ Montréal        -  7pm

HM Marner

Woohoo...nice to win a week! I'll post next week's round in a few days.


HM could go to anyone but his 2-goal night and solid D-zone play nudges Rielly ahead of the rest.

Stick-taps to pretty much everyone...a total team win.

Marner is quite decent isn't he

And then some!

I love that he's doing the PK2....he's extremely dangerous out there.

Speed...the new NHL is fun.

Sat. Nov. 3

Tampa Bay @ Montréal        -  Bolts 6
Toronto @ Pittsburgh           -  Leafs 1
Dallas @ Washington           -  Caps 4
Boston @ Nashville              -  Preds 2
Chicago @ Calgary              -  Flames 5
Philadelphia @ San Jose      -  Sharks 3

Marner by a country mile...

I'd kind of like to give my HM to the entire 3rd line who had one of their better games, I thought, but since I can't do that I suppose I'll go with Gardiner who only had one really bone-headed WTF moment and the rest of the time seemed better than normal. His passes were on the tape almost every time tonight, something he's had trouble with so far this season.


A tip of the cap to Kadri, Marner and Kapanen too...the other 15 guys seemed to take the night off.


Sat. Oct. 27

Montréal @ Boston            -   Bruins 6
Winnipeg @ Toronto          -  Leafs 1
Buffalo @ Columbus          -  Jackets 4
Colorado @ Minnesota      -  Wild 2
Chicago @ St. Louis           -  Blues 5
Pittsburgh @ Vancouver    - Pens 3

Ouch...2nd painful week in a row.

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