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Where is Waffleman when you need him?

Is Muzzin good enough to commit to for 4 years, at his age?  Yes, he brings things nobody else on the current roster does ... but is that enough?

If you don't bring him back you'll need to sign someone else. Who else will be on the market this off season?

I didn't watch the game but I'd be happy if Dubas doesn't do anything this trade deadline. Definitely don't add.

Leafs deserved to lose that one so whatever...But the Reffing was suspect in this game for sure.

I wish there was a website where you could see all the penalties called with video of them. The Leafs sure do seem to get a lot of chintzy penalties called against them.

I think we really need to have some comments and a fine from Keefe after this one.  This is really getting out of hand.

I think Shanahan should. It would carry more weight.

So I guess Sabres get a free pass with the refs tonight and Leafs aren't allowed to have a PP...?  ???

Kapanen had a breakaway but they let Dahlin get away with blatant interference. Basically Kapanen needs to go down there. Leafs need to start diving more.

Looking forward to seeing the replay of this "penalty"

Haha what a joke.

Andersen always plays better when the Leafs play like crap in front of him.

That was sweet. Tastes with the great initial pass.  Amazing chop by Matthews.

Now Hyman steals a Sandin goal. What's up with these guys?

They obviously hate the guy. He must be a real prick so the whole team is trying to make sure he doesn't get his first NHL goal.

The first one was clearly Tavares being greedy. But now Hyman too?

It's probably a good idea to start looking into trading Sandin. You don't want that kind of lockerroom cancer.

Sandin!! Hyman!! Such poise from this kid. He's staying up. Let's get Lily up too. I want to see him.

Hyman has 12 goals already!

Spezza is such a great passer. It still feels weird to see him in a Leafs Jersey.

Second PP unit looked better than the first.

I still don't like how our special teams look.

Matthews looks great tonight.

Hopefully the PP looks good tonight. I want to see them change it up a little.

Game management time for the refs.

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