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Timashov has definitely stood out in a good way.

I'd like to see the PP score here, they haven't been too good tonight.

Was busy after the first period - did I miss anything? ::)

I still can't get over that first period PK when Babcock had Marner take the faceoff, which of course he lost cleanly and it was in the net 2 seconds later. Bad memories of Hyman taking all those PK faceoffs last year (in the playoffs too, right? with only one good leg). Good to see that lesson sunk in.

why was marner taking that faceoff?

Former Leafs: Ex-Files / Re: Marleau to Sharks
« on: October 09, 2019, 06:40:47 PM »

Goes immediately to their top line haha

That should solve all their problems.

BTW, when did Babcock become their coach?

I know I've referred to Hyman as a "black hole on offense" (as in, plays die when the puck winds up on his stick) but I think he got better at that last year. Yeah, a bunch of his goals were empty-netters but he seemed more sure of himself handling the puck, and made some really nice plays going to the net with confidence. Hopefully he can continue to improve in that area as it would add another dimension to that line.

Is Zach Hyman a top-6 forward? That's a tricky question to answer. Player roles and definitions are changing. Here's what I do know though: for 3 straight seasons he's been a part of some of the best lines in hockey.

In 16/17 the Hyman-Matthews-Nylander line ranked 5th in the NHL in terms of expected goals for.

In 17/18 the Hyman-Matthews-Nylander line ranked 1st in the NHL in terms of expected goals for.

In 18/19 the Hyman-Tavares-Marner line ranked 1st in the NHL in terms of expected goals for.

Does Hyman deserve all of the credit for that level of success? No. Does he deserve most of the credit for that level of success? No. Does he even deserve an equal amount of credit among his linemates for that level of success? Again, I would say no. But he has a proven and consistent track record of success on elite level #1 lines. The guy has to be doing something right that can't quite be replicated by any random 3rd liner.

Basically that last part... what's different about Hyman vs Rando 3rd/4th liner?

I think he's an expert at boxing out the play and making sure his linemates have the puck most of the time. Hockey coaches talk a lot about simplifying the game, cutting down the ice and space in defense, and I think Hyman basically does that on offense. His forecheck and positioning essentially shrinks the play down to his linemates get the puck and everyone else does not.

So Tavares/Marner, Matthews/Nylander get a boost in the number of puck touches and plays they get to make. They're spending less of their time fetching the puck (hard) and more of their ice time making plays (awesome). Hyman is an offense catalyst: he doesn't really take part in the offense other than reducing the energy requirement to score goals and make points.

Put him on a 3rd or 4th line and he's wasted making space for okay players. Put him on your top line with your most consistent playmakers and scorers and the puck goes into the net.

I think that's a really good description of what Hyman does - he gets in fast and really knows how to use his body to block off defenders without getting penalties too often. He often occupies 2 defenders long enough to allow one of the other forwards to swoop in and get the puck. One might think Kappy could learn to do the same thing - he's even faster and uses his body well at times, but so far he hasn't figured it out. It seems like he thinks his role should be to be a puck carrier/play maker but he isn't really great at that. Maybe with time he'll become more effective, but I think when Hyman is back and healthy he'll be back in that spot.

Another nice thing Hyman brings is that he will drop the gloves if necessary (and he isn't terrible at fighting). I know people argue about the importance of that in the game today, but I think a team needs someone who will do that if needed.

Moore on Schenn somewhat then skates away from him.
Yeah...not exactly textbook defensive zone coverage.

what kind of penalty call was that...guess it was a "need to slow the leafs down" call

GOAT! Love it.

Yeah...gotta have that one.

Solid period. Leafs look like the better team so far. Will be interesting to see if they can keep it up.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Auston Matthews
« on: October 06, 2019, 06:57:40 PM »
Two again last night. If Auston can stay slippery and play 82, I'm predicting 57 goals.

There’s something about Auston...

That second goal showed a sense of patience & accuracy in getting it just right.  Most players would have injected a bit of a ‘hurry up’ approach but Matthews positioned the puck perfectly and smoothly.  Only a talent like him can do that.

I agree, but he did have a lot of time and space. Must have been used to that since he does face the Leaf defense in practice every day...

Agree with the 3 games in 4 nights being a big factor, the Leafs looked absolutely gassed at the end. Couldn't make clean passes, kept losing pucks in their feet, lost faceoffs and puck battles all over the place. Not going to get overly concerned from this one game, we'll see if a pattern emerges.

Kappy...I'm wondering if he might get moved this season once Hyman gets back. He looks completely out of place with Tavares and Marner. Maybe that gets better with time but I don't know if there's really a good spot for him if everyone is healthy. Moore looks more than competent and is much cheaper. If we need an upgrade at backup goaltender and need cap flexibility maybe we move Kappy for picks or prospects.
Kadri suspended himself in the playoffs and it took him suspending himself again to get traded. Doubt they give up on him so easily.

Not really "giving up on him" as much as reallocating assets to areas of greater  need. For instance, if the cap doesn't go up next year and we need to improve the defense, it may require more $ than we currently have available. Same if we want a better backup goaltender.

I think that of all the players on the Leafs, Kapanen may be the one who is closest to redundant. He doesn't appear (yet) to handle playing on the left side very well, and he's never going to supplant Marner or Nylander at RW. Plus the third line seems to work pretty well with Moore on the right side.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: The Goat of the Match thread
« on: October 06, 2019, 12:39:54 PM »
Cause this is what's needed -  a mean-spirited vitriol thread. Ugh. Isn't this what the GDTs are for now anyway?

Agree, terrible idea for a thread.

Maybe it's worth trying Hutch in game 1 and going to Freddie for game 2 at some point. I don't think Hutch was the main problem last night, but maybe Freddie makes a few more stops and we wind up with the extra point. And with the fresher legs for game 1, Hutch might not have to deal with as many defensive breakdowns as we saw last night.

Of course, maybe we lose both games that way...

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