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Marlies & Prospect Talk / Re: Ranking Prospects 2018-19
« on: Today at 12:21:12 AM »
Ian Scott started again today (B2B) and pitched his fourth shutout of the season.

I still have concerns that certain teams such as Boston will be able to completely shut the Leafs offense down.  Also big physical teams like Washington give me pause.  Isn't that when Auston Matthews got hurt?


I think the Leafs might actually be good?

1st in the league in points with 28
1st in the league in goals with 70
7th in the league in goals against with 51
1st in the league in goal differential at +19

They’ve been really solid starting from that Dallas PDO loss at the beginning of the month, maybe even the Winnipeg set barring those blips to Pittsburgh and Calgary. The big difference has been the team effort in puck pursuit and sort outs on retrieval.


Rick Bosetti. 

Bosetti claimed that he wet the grass without a hose only in pre-game warm-ups when there were no fans in the park. But it was an open secret around the league that he did it during games while pitching changes were being made. He wanted to prove that he could take a leak before thousands of fans and not be noticed. He accomplished this feat by turning to the outfield wall and putting his glove in front of his waist.

Aw yisss. What a crazy dude. Thanks, hf1!


Only tangentially related, I'm trying to remember which 80s Blue Jay mentioned that he used to... uh... water the grass in the outfield under the cover of his glove mid-game. Was it George Bell?

MotM: Gardiner
HM: Sparks

Quacks: Kadri, Kapanen, Marleau, Tavares, Lindholm, Johnsson, Dermott, Rielly

That was aggressively sexy

Always take time to square up the cup.

Travis Dermott head fake to sift a shot through is noice

What’s Hyman’s problem?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Time for a new skate blade

Wait a minute. Korbinian Holzer is still in the NHL a Duck?

What the hell is your problem tonight?

Not you. Obviously my quoting was ambiguous, so sorry for the splash damage.

OK, my apologies to you too.

Should we hug or what

What the hell is your problem tonight?

Not you. Obviously my quoting was ambiguous, so sorry for the splash damage.

3 mins of PP time so far, less than a min for the top unit.  How does that make sense?

Judging by how the Ducks’ PK has made unit 1 look tonight, that’d be why.

That was one of their worst efforts of the season, but unless and until Nylander comes back and they reconfigure, the 1PP should at least get the majority of time if at all possible.

I get that some people are having trouble finding things to complain about for the GDT so okay. Enjoy your feelings of superiority.

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