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Stamkos re-signs with TB

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So on to the Parise chatter now?  :D

Tweet from Gino Reda of TSN says 37.5 M
Year 1: 4 + 4M signing bonus
Year 2: 5 + 3M signing bonus
Year 3: 8M
Year 4: 8M
Year 5: 5.5M


--- Quote from: Erndog on July 19, 2011, 03:45:07 PM ---First was Rick Nash, then Bobby Ryan, now Stamkos.... Next will be Ryan Getzlaf I am sure of that.

He only has 2 years remaining on his deal before becoming a UFA and he is exactly the type of player we need, and Burke likes.

Anyways, good deal for both Stammer and Tampa.  Nice that it wasn't a 10+ year deal for once.

--- End quote ---

Of all of them, Getzlaf might be the most realistic. He has connections to Burke, he's exactly what the team needs (and will still probably need 2 years from now), his current team looks like they might be on the downswing, he's not their marquee player (in fact, he's probably their 3rd most important guy from a PR perspective) and so on. Not that really expect him to end up a Leaf, but, I do think he's a more realistic possibility than any of the others brought up over the past few years.

I think there is a good chance he'll be a leaf after that deal is done. I know a lot of people say that Toronto players like to come home, but with him, I actually think it's true.

Seems like a decent deal, all think considered.


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