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Heroic Shrimp:
Unvaccinated NHLers risk being left behind on road trips and losing paychecks if they get infected, the NHLPA has warned | @RussoHockey & @KatieJStrang ⤵️https://t.co/oJtzTsc5F9— The Athletic NHL (@TheAthleticNHL) August 14, 2021
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BREAKING: @NHL owners have approved jersey patches for the 2022-23 season. 3-inch x 3.5-inch ad space, so slightly bigger than the @NBA patches.

More from me and @soshnick 👇https://t.co/4zhrR8g4H5— Eben Novy-Williams (@novy_williams) August 17, 2021
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pic.twitter.com/H80FrLgBhc— birky (@b1rky) August 17, 2021
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MLSE just has to now.

L K:
What a shock.   I can’t wait until the jerseys look like  Europe. 

pic.twitter.com/LlSCaU3zWf— Kevin Lee (@BringBackLee) August 17, 2021
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Dang this one is good too


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