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Blackhawks refused to report alleged sex abuse of players to police: source

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The firm hired by the Blackhawks to investigate the Brad Aldrich allegations, Jenner & Block, also represented USA Gymnastics in bankruptcy proceedings in wake of the Larry Nassar scandal.— Katie Strang (@KatieJStrang) June 28, 2021
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This is technically a clarification that it was the law firm that handled the bankruptcy claim filed as a result of a system-condoned sex assault scandal, not that they defended Nassar. This is still absolutely stepping on a rake, PR-wise. Just firing it straight into their own net, top cheddar.


I don't know that who they hired matters much. Just about anyone they hire would be a big corporate law firm who will only dig as deep as the Blackhawks ultimately want them to and I don't think any of us expect any sort of actual accountability here.

A former Chicago Blackhawks player who alleges a team video coach sexually assaulted him and a teammate in 2010 says he has told his family about the abuse and is still struggling 11 years later with its long-term effects.

Story from @rwesthead: https://t.co/laz0K4jsmv pic.twitter.com/D4W3GWNIOL— SportsCentre (@SportsCentre) June 28, 2021
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New: Former Blackhawks skills coach Paul Vincent was contacted Tues by law firm Jenner & Block, hired in June by the Chicago NHL team to investigate sexual assault allegations.
Vincent tells me he won't participate unless J&B promises in writing its findings will be public. https://t.co/GpdC8dfJhT— Rick Westhead (@rwesthead) July 14, 2021
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This is one of the most self-aware quotes from a hockey player I've seen: pic.twitter.com/Sscjck2HJD— Rachel Reid 🏒❤️ (@akaRachelReid) July 14, 2021
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