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Canadiens @ Leafs - May 22nd, 7:00pm - CBC, Fan 590

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Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate:
What the hell people.

I've been telling you for months that Sandin is unstoppable.

How'd he get that way?

Me.  I taught him.

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--- Quote from: Heroic Shrimp on May 23, 2021, 11:38:16 AM ---Hopefully the side benefit of Sandin scoring from the point is that it makes Montreal think or recognize that he's a scoring threat. The more they try to cover him the more it opens up for everybody else, and Matthews in particular.

Wishful thinking maybe, but it would be amazing if this was the big key to getting the power play working again.

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The difference maker wasn't so much personnel as it was tactical, although Sandin is creative and effective and that was a very nice and well deserved goal.

When the PP struggles, it is static, (too) methodical, predictable, perfectionistic, Marner-centric.

Last night the PP was good because they didn't default to formation; they did this instead:
Timing it with the MTL change now. Change of speed by TOR34 sets the table with remaining PKers sagging.— Jack Han (@JhanHky) May 23, 2021
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and this:
Bit of a different look in the OZ for the Leafs, playing more shoot-and-retrieve hockey in comparison to their usual patience, pass-first approach. Results in a goal for Spezza.— Josh Simpson (@joshsimpson77) May 22, 2021
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Our personnel on PP are good enough to generate pretty good looks when doing the methodical set up, in that we have the puck a lot, but it gets easy to defend when we're perfectionistic to the point of leaving Marner/Rielly as the only shooting options (PKs aren't dumb).

Attacking off the rush keeps PKs from using their structure to support defending the slot. Playing more of a retrieval game, rather than perfect passes into the net keeps defenses and goaltenders moving and re-assigning checks and causes mistakes.


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