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Abandonment of HNIC?

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--- Quote from: Scot4bz on September 14, 2011, 04:42:30 PM ---It was all down hill once they gave up the original theme song.

--- End quote ---

Yup... and thee person responsible for that should never work in this field ever again.

4th Liner:
Maybe they left after considering what Don Cherry had to say about them? - IIRC he said something to the effect of "...don't we have anything better for them to do than this?" (answering viewers questions via the iDesk)

Not completely related but sort of.  CBC has also gone from 1080i to 720p on their HD signals.

This twitter exchange was posted on KuklasKorner.com:

via andrewxedge tweet,

    @FriedgeHNIC I’m not a huge fan of your television work, but I really respect the fact you didn’t leave HNIC like so many others.

via Elliotte Friedman tweet,

    @andrewxedge thanks, I think

Made me chuckle.


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