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Didn't get a chance to watch much but another impressive showing by all accounts. Team is playing solid.

Another good road game. Take the 2 points and run.

Woll just got my MotM vote out of nowhere.  What a clown show.

I know we have a 3 goal lead but that's where Keefe should call a timeout and settle everyone down.

Ragged start to the 3rd.

Too loose for my liking. Looks like they are just trying to finish the game without any injuries.

Matthews should have let that rip.

What didn't the refs see there. My god there's 4 of you on the ice. Wow.

Keep pushing boys no holding back.


Yep moving it well and resulted in the net.

How do you throw that over the glass? Wow Woll.

If I'm staying up late, it better be fun like this.

I don't mind these late starts lol.

Initially thought he was as well but he did stay onside.

Engvall my God. Take that back refs at it again.

Holy maybe 10-8 final

The Leafs are now on pace for a 113 point 54-23-5 season.   Their previous record was 105 points (49-26-8)

Both Florida and Carolina are currently on pace to break the NHL record for most points in a season (134 for Florida, 133 for Carolina)
Montreal (76-77) currently holds the record with 132 points in 80 games
Detroit (95-96) had 131 points in 82 games
Tampa (18-19) with 128 points is the current leader for the modern shootout/OT schedule

It’s also important to remember that montreal did that with all regulation wins. There was not OT back then.

Pretty hard for teams to keep this pace. Don't think any will be reached.

Great game from start to finish glad they kept it up for the full 60. 2 lame calls on us that resulted in 2 LA PP goals. Onto SJ.

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