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Re: Jets @ Leafs - Apr. 15th, 7:00pm - TSN4, TSN 1050
« Reply #210 on: April 16, 2021, 02:32:04 PM »
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I think Rittich was expecting Marner to pass him the puck. Doesn't make sense why he was waiting the way he was.
Marner said in his media availability that he messed up, more then once, and did in fact try to pass it back to Rittich and hung him out there. Then he said sh!t happens lol.

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Re: Jets @ Leafs - Apr. 15th, 7:00pm - TSN4, TSN 1050
« Reply #211 on: April 16, 2021, 03:16:45 PM »
Maybe it’s just me but I wasn’t all that wowed by Robertson.  I think there is definitely a player there but I think he still hasn’t figured out how to not try and do too much.  I don’t see him ready to knock other guys out of the lineup this year.

Which is why I'd like to see him getting first line minutes in AHL as opposed to 4th line minutes in Toronto.

Agreed and once everyone is healthy and Foligno arrives, that's where he'll probably be - assuming there is an AHL season to return to.

I didn't see most of last night's game but I have seen flashes of high-level talent from Robertson. He's made a few really shifty/clever moves, made a nice pass on the PP (I don't remember which game), is quick and tenacious. I don't think he knows his linemates very well so he seems to be all over the place, maybe trying to do too much at times. But, really hard to get a good read based on his usage so far.

I would like to see him get 1 game with substantial first or second line minutes to see how he meshes with better linemates but Keefe doesn't seem to be interested in that. Especially if Matthews and Nylander are still out for the next game - give him the opportunity. Put him on PP1, he's a definite shot threat (I remember that amazing goal off the faceoff in the blue/white game). It's not like the PP can get much worse at this point.

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Re: Jets @ Leafs - Apr. 15th, 7:00pm - TSN4, TSN 1050
« Reply #212 on: April 16, 2021, 10:39:14 PM »
I know we should panic and feast on our brains, but for some perspective, we are still 1st in the division and in a 5-way tie for 2nd in the league; Matthews looks like he's going to win the Richard trophy and Marner has broken the record for the most points by a Maple Leafs player in their 1st five seasons.

But But But, the team that's gone 9-2-2 in their last 13 games just isn't good enough! They need to be tougher! They're weak mentally and physically! This team just isn't he same team as the first half of the season.  :o

I am just surprised that only the Leafs lost last night.  I guess I should be panicking.  I mean it was a team directly below them in the standings.  It should not have happened.

Too bad that Chicago fighting for the playoffs didn't lose to bottom feeder Detroit or that NYI going for 1st in the East didn't lose or better yet that 1st Place team in the East Washington didn't lose 5-2 to the joke of a team Buffalo who were without Eric Staal, Hall, Eichel,  etc....

...oh wait...

Those teams are also soft, weaklings.

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