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Take the Fukn body Jesus x Christ.

No goal too nice of a passing Play or offside or something.

1-1 now possibly 2-0

Bullsh*t Holl just stopped and the TB guy ran into him. Unbelievable.

Tavares line hemmed in by the 4th line.

Brodie taking a page out of Reillys book always holding onto it. Shoot the Damon puck in a prime spot Jesus.

Reilly and Engvall cost that goal

That replay of the goal...not feeling like Jack had much of a chance after that unintentional stick by Reilley.

The other thing is the shooter had a guy on him so he wasn’t dangerous so why wouldn’t Reilly make sure he got on Paul quicker.

PP has been the Achilles heal this series. Both speciality teams I think. TB gas a good pp as well but seems like ours hasn’t been as good as in the regular season. As some point you have to pot one a game if the opportunities are there.

Engvall has to be smarter defensively. Puck went to the boards and he just kept skating into the slot. Giordano was deep so just hang back and don’t give up an odd man rush.

Point just charleyhorsed himself in the boards

Nevermind, that little tap on the skates torqued his knee and it looks not good

Sad to see. On second thought nope. Bout time we start getting some breaks. Hopefully he’s done.

Whatever they talked about, whatever the game plan was for game 1 review the tape of that game and if the Leafs could play even 3/4 as good as they did the series will be theirs. Have to have the same mindset. All over the puck, hitting every player every shift just suffocating the Lightning.

Hopefully the parade to the penalty box for crap calls stops and they let the teams decide who should move on.

The lack of urgency with the #1unit astonishes me.

Just got home looks like we got off to a better start. Poor play by Kerfoot. I hate that drop pass even on the PP at times. How’s the officiating?

Leafs are the suckiest bunch of suckers that ever sucked. Yeah.

Sorry. Just getting in before the usual crowd come out of the woodwork

Good chuckle to start my morning Arn. I have a close friend used to live in the same town as his family. He has 2 boys both play hockey.,Every time he calls me the kids tell me that all the time. Lol.

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