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I love this Jumbo Joe!!  This is what I was looking for while he was being a happy huggy bear.

All season I've been thinking about that incident with Kadri a few years ago, wondering when that Joe was gonna show. I think he's here, just in time for the playoffs.

It's nice to see the Leafs dish out some physical punishment for a change. And win, of course.

Thornton needs to be smarter there.

It must be true that there is simply no other way to enter the zone on a power play..GIVE IT TO WILLY...

Or get everyone moving forward, dump it in, and go get it.

Yeah...I was thinking the same when Rielly whiffed on that shot.

They really need to score on the PP and make them pay for that stuff.

Then someone needs to put a beating on Dubois.

Well, that wasn't the very greatest playing there from my young hero....

That's it - bring in Marincin!  ;D

Finally a PP that looks like a PP.

It's funny that people were calling the Leafs dirty. This Jets team is the very definition of dirty.

Score a PP here, put the game away. Then the fun should begin.

Wow, Nylander did it all on that play (except score, of course). What a sequence.

That was a beautiful hit by Sandin.
But he's too small. Funny I s going to say I love how Sandin passes the puck and then boom!

He definitely throws his weight around at times. It is a bit concerning since he is on the smaller side, but he seems to know what he is doing.

That was a beautiful hit by Sandin.

Just so we are clear Pionk can punch Galchenyuk in the face after a whistle because of reasons.
And that's my piss off. Call it and that crap goes away.

Yep. That definitely should have been called. But if they're not gonna call it on the Jets, they better not call it on the Leafs.

Brooks making things happen again.

Loved Simmonds clearing Dubois out of the crease. Two minutes well worth it. Gotta protect the goalies more.


Yep. We need more of that, as long as they don't take too many penalties. Leafs players have been taking tons of abuse all season (I'm surprised Kerfoot has never been injured, he takes a helluva beating on a regular basis). Foligno, Simmonds, Thornton, Muzzin should regularly be bashing bodies. I'd like to see Engvall do more of that too, he supposedly had a reputation as an instigator and someone other teams hated playing against, but he seems pretty passive most of the time.

Make some opponents pay for hanging out in the crease and taking pokes at our goalies.

I don't think it appeared to be particularly malicious either - there was minimal follow-through with his arm/shoulder, he didn't really run at him or leap or anything. But Joe is 6" taller than Perreault so if anything it was a bit careless. Definitely late. Suspendable? Very borderline in my opinion.

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