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Florida Panthers (A1) vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (A3)

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Guilt Trip:
What a playboy Kucherov. Ekblad looks like a rookie..
Nikita Kucherov (@86Kucherov) sure has some moves. #StanleyCup 🕺

🇺🇸: @NHL_On_TNT ➡️ https://t.co/7jhoX5dCRG
🇨🇦: @Sportsnet ➡️ https://t.co/3qur7hqjH4 pic.twitter.com/Dq81YcfYeg— NHL (@NHL) May 18, 2022
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His jockstrap is in the 300 seats

L K:
Doesn’t mean a lot but the Leafs move up a spot in the draft if Tampa wins.  Also I don’t have a problem if they three-peat now that we are out.   Every win from them makes me feel more empowered to have the Leafs run it back.

5 times in the last seven years they got to at least the conference finals.   They won the cup twice, lost in the finals once and lost two Game 7s.   The two Game 7 they lost to Pittsburgh and Washington who won the Cup.   What an insane run they have been on.

And then after teams wipe us in the first round and go on to the Cup finals, they wash out next season and draft first overall.

Heroic Shrimp:
Overtime coming up!


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