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HM Murray (or Jarnkrok)
Well that was a wildly undeserved second point but I will take it.

Jarnkrok still gets my HM but I want to give both votes to Murray
I see we have gone back to being completely clueless at how to play 3 on 3
Brutal.  Well deserved blown gsme there for the team.  Murray deserved better.  All these blown points against bad teams are really playing with fire over home ice against Tampa
Jarnkrok beat him to the hashmarks there
Quality job Sportsnet not being able
To put up a replay at all
Man Nylander had to shoot there
It was weak contact but he did get the skate.  Live I thought he got screwed but that's a penalty
Simpson is trying so hard to push this "playoff atmosphere" narrative on a Senators team that played themselves out of playoff contention
Oof bad penalty Liljegren
Wow what a shot by Jarnkrok
That god for Marner but this effort is just so poor.  Let's stop the split up lines experiment.  They suck
That is unacceptable that Murray let that one in. 

What the hell kind of bounce was that?  Brutal luck